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Monumental Inscriptions

Monumental Inscriptions Intro

The KAS has been collating information from the graveyards of Kent for over 100 years.

The MI records available here come from a variety of sources many of which were transcribed and indexed from notebooks in KHLC and the KAS Library etc by Frank  & Zena Bamping, Margaret Broomfield, Christine Pantrey, Pat Tritton and Dawn Weeks, assisted by other members of the K.A.S. Many were available as a result of the transcriptions collected by Leland L Duncan, Bax and Rice and others from the 1760’s to the 2015. Other MI records have been provided by members and other enthusiasts. .

(This website can only possibly contain a fraction of the information once available in the churchyards of all ages throughout Kent. )

List of Parishes/Churchyards: