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Library & Visual Records - Pictures, plus Leland L. Duncan's, and others M.I.'s of Kent Churchyards, Transcriptions of Wills and Place Names on-line.  Members & others - Researches

Society Publications on-line - Archaeologia Cantiana and The Roman Pottery of Kent

Kent Maps, Tithe Awards and Schedules on-line

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Library & Visual Records

Visual Records        M.I.'s                Wills             Place Names
A to Z List of      Churchyards    Introduction to   1905-08 6 inch
          Parishes            M.I.s List       Transcriptions       O.S. Maps       

Publications on-line

Archaeologia  Cantiana 
Introduction with links to individual Volumes

Victoria County History
of Kent Vol 3
- Contents
Population of Kent Parishes 1801-1921

Kent Record Volume  9
Index of Wills Proved in the Rochester Consistory Court Wills 1440 - 1561

Kent Record Volume 18
Kent Lay Subsidy Roll of 1334/5

Kent Historic Buildings
   Kent Extracts from Pipe Rolls

Archaeological Fieldwork

   The Christopher St John Breen          
Roman & Medieval Pottery Archive
 An aid to identifying sherds from excavations

    Patch Grove Ware (PGW) Pottery

    Upchurch and North Kent Pottery  By Jason Monaghan
  A ceramic typology for northern Kent, first to third centuries A.D.
Originally published as BAR British Series 173 1987 (now out of print)

   Grog-tempered 'Belgic' Pottery of South-eastern England
      By Isobel Thompson 
Originally published as BAR British Series 108 1982 (now out of print)

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