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How to use Google to search this website

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GOOGLE, (see ) has a SEARCH option which is not commonly known.
Here is how it works... Lets say I was searching for the surname JOHNSON ....
So, I type in the following in the Google Search window slot (not the Internet Explorer address slot):-

Johnson site:

It is vital that a space is left after the last letter in Johnson
I am then presented with 22 Google pages of links A click on the link, in blue and underlined, for any entry will take you straight to the webpage on this website.
   If your search results in the 220 plus links above try adding an extra word. i.e. a christain name, but this time add speech marks:-

       "John Johnson" site:

This results in just 39 links to webpages.

The same can apply to a placename or occupation etc, such as WROTHAM thus:-

            Wrotham site:

This results in just 399 links to webpages.

One point to remember is that when a new webpage is added to the website, it may take up to four weeks for Google to find and index it.
If you have found these suggestions useful, or have any further tips,  please let us know on

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