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How to change the Screen Resolution & Text size on your computer
These webpages are designed to be viewed with the screen resolution set at 800 x 600 and text size at normal HOW TO

Screen Resolution
Modern computer monitors / screens leave the factory with the screen resolution set at 1024 x 768 pixels or even higher. This is to give the maximum effect for graphics, particularly for playing computer games. However this has the effect of making the text size, and icon size smaller in general use. In addition, over 99% of the people in the wide world are still using old monitors with a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.

To change the resolution on your screen / monitor, follow the instructions below : -

1.   With no programs or windows open, press on the right-hand button of your computer mouse.
A menu will appear.
2.   Click on Properties, and another window will appear entitled Display Properties.
3.   Click on the word Settings at top right.
4.   The window will change. Look for a box entitled " Screen area or resolution", with words Less on the left and More on the right of a sliding scale. Beneath this you will see the present setting, i.e.1024 by 768 pixels.  Using the left button of your mouse, click just to the left of the downward pointing arrow and the resolution will change. Set it to 800 x 600 pixels.
5. Now comes the scary part, so do not panic. Click on OK.
6. A small window will open, again called Display Properties, with the message that Windows will now resize your Desktop. Click on OK and the screen will go black (remember do not panic). After a few moments your Desktop will reappear with the icons etc looking much bigger. (If your computer operating system is XP you finish here) If you are using an old operating system like Windows 98, the same Display Properties will be showing, overlain by a small window entitled You resized your Desktop. Do you want to keep these setting?
7.  Click on YES and the screen will go black again for few moments (remember do not panic).

You have now resized your screen / monitor settings. To revert to your original settings just follow the procedure above changing the pixels size to what you want.

Text Size
If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, you can in many websites that you visit, increase or decrease the size in which text is displayed on your computer screen / monitor. However sometimes if the text is contained within a "Text Box" on the screen, which will be invisible to you, changing the size of the text can cause individual lines or sentences to warp or get out of line. The webpages on this website are composed using the text size as "Normal". To change your text size if distortion is occurring, follow the instruction below :-

1.   With Internet Explorer open, click on the word "View" at the top of the page, third word from the left.
2.   A menu will drop down. Using your mouse click on "Text size", the seventh word down.
3.   Another menu will open to the right.  Click on the word "Normal", which will position a small black dot next
      to it, meaning that normal text size is selected.

You have resized your Internet Explorer text size settings. You can change them again, when you have read the webpage, if you wish using the same procedures

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