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Archaeologia Cantiana Volume 134

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Title Author Year Volume Page number
Frontispiece 2014 Kent Archaeological Society 2014 134 i
Contents and Illustrations Kent Archaeological Society 2014 134 v-v
The Historical and Architectural Development of the Old Bishop's Palace Rochester Patricia A. Clarke 2014 134 1-36
Continiuty and Change in Late Iron Age Roman Transition within the Environs of Quarry Wood Oppidum Excavations at Furfield Quarry Boughton Monchelsea Isca Howell 2014 134 37-66
A Maritime Community in War and Peace: Kentish Ports, Ships and Mariners, 1320-1400. Andrew Ayton and Craig Lambert 2014 134 67-104
Farmsteads and Landcapes in Kent Jeremy Lake, Bob Edwards and Nicola Bannister 2014 134 105-140
Archaeological Investigations at Maidstone Hospital Hermitage Lane Barming Simon Stevens 2014 134 141-152
The Barfrestone Conundrum: 'Much Restored' but 'Virtually Unaltered' Charles Coulson 2014 134 153-186
Archaeological Investigations of a Major Building Probably Roman and Related Landscape Features at Bourne Park Bishopsbourne 2011-12 Lacey M. Wallace, Paul S. Johnson, Kristian D. Strutt and Alex Mullen 2014 134 187-204
Literacy and Book Ownership in Seventeenth Century Faversham Linda Taylor 2014 134 205-220
Exploiting The Wildwood Evidence from a Mesolithic Activity Site at Finglesham Near Deal Keith Parfitt 2014 134 221-262
A History of the Ecclesiastical Courts of the Diocese of Canterbury 1566 - 1586 Based on the Cause Papers Bound within the Volumes MS F 4 12 Karen Rushton 2014 134 263-282
The Grebills of Benenden The Priory of Leeds and the Hersey Trials of 1511 P. R. Cavill 2014 134 283-292
Research Notes Kent Archaeological Society 2014 134 293-308
Book Reviews Kent Archaeological Society 2014 134 309-320
Annual Bibliography of Kentish Archaeology and History 2012 Kent Archaeological Society 2014 134 321-332
Notes on Contributors Kent Archaeological Society 2014 134 333-336
General Index Kent Archaeological Society 2014 134 337
Preface Paul Oldham 2014 134 0-0