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Archaeologia Cantiana Volume 129

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Title Author Year Volume Page number
Frontispiece 2009 Kent Archaeological Society 2009 129 i
Contents and Illustrations Kent Archaeological Society 2009 129 v-vi
Early Roman Features Possibly Defensive and The Modern Development of the Parkland Landscape at Ingress Abbey Greenhithe Les Capon 2009 129 1-32
Grassroots Politics in West Kent since the late Eighteenth Century David Killingray 2009 129 33-54
Anglo-Saxon Button Brooches from East Kent and the Isle of Wright Typological and Genealogical Perspectives Seiichi Suzuki 2009 129 55-76
Was Sir Thomas Wyatt able to draw on a Culture of Rebellion in Kent in 1554? Martyn Ellis 2009 129 77-102
Preliminary Report on Excavations at Hull Place Roman Villa Sholden 2005-7 Keith Parfitt 2009 129 103-112
Reconstructing Literary Life in the Provinces with special reference to the Elizabethan Gentry of Kent Claire Bartram 2009 129 113-128
An Archaeological Investigation at Kingsborough Farm Kingsborough Manor Eastchurch Isle of Sheppey Simon Stevens 2009 129 129-154
Old Soar Manor Near Plaxtol House Land and Occupants over Seven Centuries Jayne Semple 2009 129 155-188
Prehistoric Settlement Patterns on the North Kent Coast Between Seasalter and the Wantsum Tim Allen 2009 129 189-208
Striving to Succeed in late Medieval Canterbury: the life of Thomas Fokys, publican, mayor and alderman c. 1460-1535 Paul A. Fox 2009 129 209-224
Two New' Town Gates Roman Buildings and an Anglo-Saxon Sanctuary at St Mildred's Tannery Canterbury Simon Pratt 2009 129 225-238
The Demise of the Kent Broadcloth Industry in the Seventeenth Century: England's first De-Industrialization. Lorraine Flisher and Michael Zell 2009 129 239-256
The Evidence and Settlement at Plaxtol in the Late Iron Age and Romano-British Period Malcolm Davies 2009 129 257-278
Kentish Place Names - were they ever Celtic? Michael Goormachtigh and Anthony Durham 2009 129 279-294
An Initial Investigation of an Early Routeway and Boundary, possibly Prehistoric, in Bedgebury Forest. Nicola R. Bannister and Debbie Bartlett 2009 129 295-312
Further Investigation of Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Eastry. Keith Parfitt and Sheila Sweetinburgh 2009 129 313-332
The Roman Villa at Minster-in-Thanet Keith Parfitt 2009 129 333-358
Reviews Kent Archaeological Society 2009 129 339-436
Archaeological Notes and Summaries Kent Archaeological Society 2009 129 359-390
Historical Research Notes Kent Archaeological Society 2009 129 391-338
Annual Bibliography of Kentish Archaeology and History 2008 Saunders Kent Archaeological Society 2009 129 423-434
Obituaries Kent Archaeological Society 2009 129 435-448
Brief Notes on Contributors Kent Archaeological Society 2009 129 437-440
Annual Report of the Council for 2008 Kent Archaeological Society 2009 129 441-422
General Index Kent Archaeological Society 2009 129 451