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Archaeologia Cantiana Volume 122

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Title Author Year Volume Page number
Frontispiece 2002 Kent Archaeological Society 2002 122 i
Contents and Illustrations Kent Archaeological Society 2002 122 v-vi
Cobham Hall: the House and Gardens Tim Tatton-Brown 2002 122 1-28
Interpersonal Violence in Kent, 1460-1560 Karen Jones 2002 122 29-48
A Roman site at Home Farm, Eynsford. Brian Philp and Maurice Chenery 2002 122 49-78
The Population of Sandwich from the Accession of Elizabeth Ito the Civil War. Jane Andrewes and Michael Zell 2002 122 79-100
One for the Road? Providing Food and Drink for the Final Journey Edward Biddulph 2002 122 101-112
Patrixbourne Church Medieval Patronage Fabric and History Mary Berg 2002 122 113-142
A Forgotten Kentish Rebellion, September-October 1470 Malcolm Mercer 2002 122 143-152
Excavations at Biggin Street, Dover. David Wilkinson and Duncan Wood 2002 122 153-182
Faversham' s Role in the Armada and Counter-Armada Patricia Hyde and Duncan Harrington 2002 122 183-196
Stone Supply to the Saxon Shore Forts at Reculver, Richborough, Dover and Lympne Andrew Pearson 2002 122 197-220
The Management of Dering Wood, Smarden, since the Medieval Period: Archaeological and Documentary Evidence Nicola Bannister 2002 122 221-236
Supporting the Canterbury Hospitals: Benefaction and the Language of Charity in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries Sheila Sweetinburgh 2002 122 237-258
Late Bronze Age, Romano-British and Early/Middle Saxon features at Hoo St Werburgh Chris Moore 2002 122 259-274
Interpretations of the Influence of the Immigrant Population in Kent in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries Elizabeth Edwards 2002 122 275-292
Roman Greenwich Gary Brown 2002 122 293-318
The Kentish Copperas Industry Tim Allen, Mike Cotterill and Geoffrey Pike 2002 122 319-334
St Margaret in Kent: Two Eleventh-Century Anecdotes Diana Webb 2002 122 335-342
Interim Reports on Work carried out by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust 1998-2000 Canterbury Archaeological Trust 2002 122 343-362
The Release of Ornaments in the Archbishop's Chapel and some other arrangements following Simon Mepham's Elevation Roy Martin Haines 2002 122 363-372
A Prehistoric Site off Green Lane, Whitfield, near Dover Keith Parfitt 2002 122 373-396
Researches and Discoveries A Neolithic Stone Axe: Offham An Insular La Tene Toggle: Wrotham Iron Age Material: Capel-le-Ferne Sections of Roman Road: Benenden Medieval Denehole: Wilmington Kent Archaeological Society 2002 122 397-424
Reviews Duncan Harrington (ed.), Kent Hearth Tax Assessment Lady Day 1664 Nigel Yates (ed.), Kent in the Twentieth Century. M. And A. Hicks, St Gregory's Priory Northgate, Canterbury: Excavations 1988-91 Kent Archaeological Society 2002 122 425-440
Obituaries Kent Archaeological Society 2002 122 441-43
Brief Notes on the Contributors Kent Archaeological Society 2002 122 445-448
Annual Report of the Council for 2001 Kent Archaeological Society 2002 122 449-456
General Index Kent Archaeological Society 2002 122 457
Committees of the Society Kent Archaeological Society 2002 122 0-0