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3.Inventory of Iron workings, Masters & Ordnance

Transcribed by Peter Titley on Thu, 04 Jul 2019 - 21:04

Mr Byngs certificat of/ the veiw of the yron works/ in the weald of Kent/

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An exacte vewe and Inventorie aswell of the numbers of yron/ workes Called furnaces in ye [the] Countie of Kent w[i]t[h] the names/ of th' owners and occupiers of everie of them, as also of the numbers and severall kinde of peeces of caste yron ordnance/ yt [that] are in any of theim now readie made taken by Rob[er]t Binge and Will[iam]: Clarke as herafter followeth./

viij november a[nn]o 1588/

S[i]r Rycherd Baker knighte hath in his owne hande w[i]t[h] in the p[ar]ishe/ of Cranebrooke one yron worke called a fordge or hammer w[i]t[h] in one/ mile of his dwelling house in Crainbrooke aforesaid called Sussinghu[r]st/ but hath noe fornace thear./

The same S[i]r Rychard hath in his owne hande w[i]t[h] in the parishe of/ Hawkherst about iiij miles distant from his said dwelling house/ one yron worke called a furnace, wherin was never any peece of/ ordnance cast as it is saide, but onlie sowes as  it of yron./

John Webbe being over seer of all S[i]r Rychard Bakers thinges, and his/ onlie doer in his absence being his founder at the saied fornace, and/ Rycherd Willie clerke of his workes stande bounden for the dew p[er]for/ mance of th' orders sette downe by the Quenes ma[jes]<ties> moste honorable/ previe counsell in yt behalfe bycawse the said S[i]r Rychard is nowe/ remaining at London w[i]th his housholde./

viiij november a[nn]o 1588

S[i]r Alexander Colepeper knight hath in his owne hande in Cranebrook/ aforesaid w[i]t[h] in half a mile of his dwelling howse in Gowtherst called/ Bedgberie one furnace now in the order and gover[n]ment of Anthonie/ Colepeper esquire sonne and heire appar<a>nnt of the said S[i]r Alexander/ his father in the absence of the same S[i]r Alexander his father where/ in there was not any one peec of ordnance caste by the space of/ Seven yeares nowe last paste (as it is said) but onlie sowes/ of yron/

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Item/The said Anthonie Colepeper and Peter Lewis founder at the/ saide furnace stande bownden for the dew p[er]for<e>manc[e] of ye said order./

 3/                                 Chingley/Henry Dorrell gent. hath in Chingley w[it[h in ye said p[ar]ish of/ Goutherst only a fordge or ham[me]r now in the occupac[i]on of/ Rycherd Ballard but the Furnace yt [that] was thear is fallen/ downe and utterlie decayed/

 4/                            Shorneden/                              in Horsmonde[n]/Thomas Brattle hath in the p[ar]ish of Horsmonden, a furnace/ called Chorsmonden furnace, w[hi]ch he hath letten for yeares to/ Willi[a]m Ashborneh[a]m gent who hath letten the same one to Thom[a]s/ Johnsonne of Hartefeild in the Countie of Sussex gunfounder/ who now occupyeth the same but hath no workemen thear at this/ time, In w[hi]ch furnace they Caist no sowes of Iron but peeces of ord-/ nance at this p[re]sent remayning, but wear latlie caried from/ theure to ye water side at maidstone to be convayed to Tower/ wharfe in London of w[hi]ch peeces some are remayning at this p[re]sent/ at Yalding and some at maydstone, the totall numb[e]r and severall/ kindes whearof ar as followeth./



The said Thom[a]s Johnsonne, & Lewes Hughes clerke of the said/ Furnace stand bounden for the dew p[er]formance of ye said order./ 

4/Th[o]m[a]s Dikes hath in his owne hande at Durnedall w[it]h in/ the p[ar]ish of pevenberie one fordge or hammer but no furnace./

xvth Novemb[e]r 1588/

6/                                 Forde mill/                  furnace/                             in Tunbridge./Sir Thom[a]s Fane knight hath w[it]h in the p[ar]ish of Tunbridge a/ Fornace nere unto south frythe called Bourne mill fornace/ now in th' occupac[i]on of Edmund willard, and Abraham willard/ of Tunbridge gent. in w[hi]ch fornace thear ar caste only sowes/ of yron and not any one peece of ordnance, as it is said./

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Rob[er]t Turner founder at the said fornace standeth only bounden/ for the due p[er]formance of the said order bycause the saide/ Sir Thomas Fane is now remayning at London and ye saide/ Edmund and Abraham are rydden from home and not to be had./

7/                               Barden fornace/                 in Tunbridge/Thomas Smithe of London Customes hath in Tunbridge a/ foresaid at Barden a furnace called Barden fornace in/ Lease for years unto the said Edmund willard and Abrah[am]/ willard the cheif workman wherof is one John Phillippes/ of London gunfounder, in w[hi]ch fornace are seldome caste any/ sowes of iron, but most co[m]monlie peeceis of ordnance whear/ thear are remayning at this p[re]sent of theis severall kinds/ following./

Sakers ------------- x/

Mynnions------- xxix/

Fawcons---------- xij/

And at Cage Green in Hadlow to be caryed to the water/ side at milhale and from their to tower wharfe at London/

Mynnions---------- vj/

Fawcons----------- vj/

The said John Phillips standeth onlie bounden for the dew per/ formance of the said order, bycause the said Edmund and Abrah[a]m/ wear not to be fo had as before./

xvj novemb[e]r a[nn]o 1588/

8/                           Asherst/Sir walter waller knight hath w[it]h in the p[ar]ish of Asherst a/ fornace called Asherst fornace now in th' occupac[i]on of the said/ John Phillips of London gunfounder, at w[hi]ch fornace thear/ are most com[m]onlie peeces of ordnance caste, whear thear are/ remayning at this p[re]sent of/

Sakers ------------- ix/

Minnions----------- xl/

Fawcons---------- xxx/

9/                           Cowden/John Swaysland of Cowden yeoman hath in the p[ar]ish of Cowden/ a fornace whear in are peeceis of ordnance most com[m]onlie/ caste the founder wherof is Franncis Johnson of Cowden gun/ founder, w[hi]ch John standeth bounden to Luctantius Roper and/ Giles Flemming of London march[ant]: boath of them dwelling/ in St Thom[a]s street to deliver unto them [illegible] lv tunns of mettlee/ yearlie for the space of foure years, and the same Luctantius/ and Giles have the said Francis Johnson bound also to caste/ the same mettall into peeceis of ordnance for theim at w[hi]ch fornace/ theris remayning at this present of./ 

Sakers -------------- xiiij/

Minnions----------- xxiiij/

Fawcons-------- xx<tie>/

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[fifth page]

The said John Swaisland and Franncis Johnson stand bounden for the/ dew p[e]rformance of the said order. But it is as needfull that the said/ Lactantius & Giles Flemming should be bound likewise by cause/ the said John Swaysland standeth d bounden to deliver unto theim/ yearlie lx tunns of mettall as afore, and they ar at libertie to/ make the same into gunnes or what they lyste/ 

xvj novemb[e]r a[nn]o 1588/

10/                           Cowden/John Knight of Cowden yeoma[n] hath in the said said p[ar]ishe of/ Cowden a fornace wherin he doth usuallie caste sowes of yron/ but doth not at any time caste any peeces of ordnance thear/ as he sayeth. Never thelesse he the said John Knight standeth/ bounden for the due p[e]rformance of ye said order./

xvij novemb[e]r a[nn]o 1588/

Thomas Willowghbie esquier hath in Chedingstone a forge and/ also a fornace, w[hi]ch fornace he hath letten <for yeares> to Thomas Browne/ of Chedingstone yeoman whose founder is Ephraim Arnole of/ Chedingstone gunfounder in w[hi]ch fornace peeces of ordnance are most/ com[m]onlie caste, whear thear are remayning at this p[re]sent of/

Sakers ---------------- vj/

Minnions--------------- viij/

Fawcons-------------- xij/

The said Eph<r>aim standeth onlie bounden for the dew p[er]formance/ of the said order bycause the said Thomas Browne was not/ at home, w[hi]ch Thomas afterwarde came to wrootham and entered/ into bonde/

And at Sunderiche to be conveyed to the tower of London/

   Sakers ---------------- x/

   Minions--------------- x/

   Fawcons-------------- xij/

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[sixth page]

viij August a[nn]o 1589/

Shorneden                      Sakers ---------------- 0/


 Fawcons---------------- x/

 Fawconets------------- 0/

Rabonets-------------- 0/

Sent to East Farleigh       Sakers ---------------- iij/

& so the Maydstone         Min[n]ions -------------- xj/

 Fawcons-------------- iij/

ix August a[nn]o 1589/

Barden                           Sakers ---------------- viij/

Minions---------------- xv/

Fawcons--------------- xj/

Fawconets------------- 0/

Rabonets-------------- 0/

                                       Comms buyers of peeces of yron ordnance/

             Oliver Skin[n]er of Thems street/

   Lactantius Roper ib[ide]m/

              Henry Porder of east S[m]ythfield/

John Chapman ib[ide]m/

             Giles Flemming of Thems strete/

                     Symo[n] Starbey in St Nicho[las] Lane/

             Edmund Harvey of Thems strete/

    Rychard Marshall ib[ide]m/

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[seventh page]

ix Augusti/

AsherstSakers ----------------- iij/

Minions----------------- vj/

Fawcons--------------- iiij/

Fawconets------------- 0/

Rabonets-------------- 0/

Minions----------------- ij}       Sent to milhale/

Fawcons--------------- ij}/

ix Augusti/

Cowden   John Swaysland/

Sakers ------------------ 0/

Minions------------------ 0/

Fawcons---------------- 0/

Fauconets-------------- 0/

Rabonets--------------- 0/

Demi culveringes for her Ma[jes]tie------------------ ij/

Thear hath been made of  late for Sir John Hawkins xij/ peeces, Culveringes and Demie Culveringes/

CowdenTho John Knight none theis viij weekes/

[end seventh page]

[eighth page]

CheddingstoneSakers ------------------ 0/

Minions------------------ 0/

Fawcons---------------- 0/

Fawconets------------- 0/

Rabonets--------------- 0/

A perfecte note of all the peces of yron ordnance latelie Caste/ at the Furnaces of Shorneden, Barden, Asherst and Cowden/ taken in Kent by at B the viij & ixth of August in the xxxjth/ yeare of the reigne of o[u]r most gracious sovereigne Lady queen/ Elizabeth etc r. by Rob[er]t Bing & will[ia]m Clerke esquires./

[end eighth page, end of document]

Record Office
Kent County Library and Archive Centre
(with permission of South Staffordshire County Council)
Document Reference
The Sutherland Collection - Sir John Leveson of Halling
Document type
Inventory of iron workings in Kent
Document Date
Richard Bing(e), William Clerke
Names referred to within the document
Sir Rychard Baker
John Webbe
Richard Willie
Sir Alexander Colepepper
Anthonie Colpepper
Peter Lewis
Henry Dorrell
Richard Ballard
Thomas Brattle
William Ashbourne
Thomas Johnson
Lewes Hughes
Thomas Dikes
Sir Thomas Fane
Edmund Willard
Abraham Willard
Robert Turner
Thomas Smith
John Phillips
Sir Walter Waller
John Swaysland
Francis Johnson
Luctantius Roper
Giles Fleming
John Knight
Thomas Willoughbie
Thomas Browne
Ephraim Arnole
Oliver Skinner
Henry Porder
John Chapman
Edmund Harvey
Richard Marshall
Sir John Hawkins

Transcribers Notes
The document is an inventory of furnaces and forges for the production of cast iron and guns in the Weald of Kent in response to the request from the Privy Council in 1588. The document lists the persons that were enetered into bond not to produce ordnance until a licence was granted.