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14.Letter - Henry Darrell to Leveson re. iron works

Transcribed by Peter Titley on Thu, 04 Jul 2019 - 21:31

1590    11 Oct/ Mr Henry Darell Gent/ yt he hath no Iron furnace/ but only makes Iron/ bares/

To the ryght woorshipfull/ Sir John Leveson knight/ ........... thes w[it]h spede/ Att Hallinge./

[end first page]

[second page]

Ryght woorshypfull, I receved your le[tt]ers, dated the viij of/ thys instant octobre, the xj of the same and for answers/ therof, I do assure <youe> of my credytt that I have neath[er]/ in Kent nor in Sussex any Iron Furnace nor Iron/ Worke where, att any tyme any Iron Gonnes hath or/ Can be made or caste// I have only an Iron Forge/ where only Iron is wrought into barres, neather can/ there yf I wolde any Iron gonnes be made there,/ And thys I assure yowe ys trewe on my [.........]// / And where you require to me to repayre to your/ house on Thursdaye next, I wolde ther wayte/ on you yf I weareable to travell so Farre, but/ I assure you I ame nott w[i]thoute daynger of my lyfe/ For I have ben sycke and synce the mydle of/ August laste and ame yet so weale that I ame nott/ well able to travell so Farre. And besyde thys that/ I enformed you beinge there. There is nott any/ Cause for me to putt in bonde to cast no gonnes, beinge/ I have no Iron worke in neather of thes shires where/ any Gonnes Can be made or caste, And so besechynge/ yow for the causes before aleged, to p[ar]don my comynge to/ you att thys tyme, I humbly take my leave, thys xjth da of octobere 1590// From my poore house Scotney/

                                   Your verye lovinge Frende/ to Commande/

                                                             Henry Darrell

After I had posted your le[tt]er I sent the same to/ Rychard Ballarde p[re]sentynge

[end second page, end of document]

Record Office
Kent County Library and Archive Centre
(with permission of South Staffordshire County Council)
Document Reference
The Sutherland Collection - Sir John Leveson of Halling
Document type
Letter to Leveson from Henry Darrell

Document Date
Henry Darrell writing to Sir John Leveson

Names referred to within the document
Nicholas Myller
Thomas Barham
Henry Darrell
Sir John Leveson

Transcribers Notes
Where the writer of the letter has use / to denote the end of a sentence, then // has been used to differentiate from /denoting the end of a line in the text.