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13.Letter - Colepepper to Leveson re. bond

Transcribed by Peter Titley on Thu, 04 Jul 2019 - 21:29

To the Right worshipful/ his good friend Sir John/ Leveson <knight>/

Mr Anthonye Colepeper hath/ hired out his iron work for 6 years/

[end first page]

[second page]

This p[re]sente Sondaye the xjth of this Instante. Good Sir Johne/ Leveson you shall understand I <have> receved yo[u]r letter, and whearas the/ effecte thereof is for the diswarninge of castinge of ordenance att/ my furn[ac]es under bondes: true it is that I nor any other have/ caste at my Forn[ac]es any ordenance this ix or x yeares & yet nott/ withstandinge very lattly (this yeare now paste) I have ent[e]red/ alredy into bonde to her majestye;Mr Binge & Mr Clarke/ beinge then com[m]icioners in thatt Busines. I have founde the/ troble in castinge them to be so gratt consideringe the many/ toylles & extraordenary charges that belonge therto// that I assure/ you Sir for my owne parte I would not willingly be hired/ to caste any againe. I have this laste midsummer (to ease me of that busines) hired owght my forn[ac]es to one Mr Darr-/-elle of Lamberhurste & have not any <thinge>my selfe to do therw[it]h/ tyll vj yeares be expyred. The w[hi]ch co[n]sidered I hope the nede/ no Furder bonde (by your curtesye) be taken of me, to him that farmethe it of me. I have sente your letter: And my selfe/ remaynes reddye to p[er]forme my dutye in any sorte as I shall/ heare frome you by this bearer, I omighte nott right hartye/ com[m]endations unto you good Sir John Leveson, And so commight you to the p[ro]ctetion of thalmightye// Bedgebery this xj October 1590

                                                                   Yours to comande

                                                                                  Anthony Colepep[per]

[end second page, end of document]

Record Office
Kent County Library and Archive Centre
(with permission of South Staffordshire County Council)
Document Reference
The Sutherland Collection - Sir John Leveson of Halling
Document type
Letter to Leveson from Anthony Colepepper.
Document Date
An explanation by Anthony Colepepper of why he should not be held in bond not to produce cast iron because he has hired out his furnaces to a Mr Darrell

Names referred to within the document
Nicholas Myller
Thomas Barham
Anthony Colepepper
Sir John Leveson

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Transcribers Notes
Where the writer of the letter has use / to denote the end of a sentence, then // has been used to differentiate from /denoting the end of a line in the text.