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Archaeologia Cantiana

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Title Author Year Volume Page number
Frontispiece 1953 Kent Archaeological Society 1953 66 i
Contents and Illustrations Kent Archaeological Society 1953 66 v-xi
Annual Report Kent Archaeological Society 1953 66 xl-xl
The Faussett Pavilion George Zarnecki 1953 66 1-14
The Faussett Pavilion Part 2 George Zarnecki 1953 66 9-36
The Lullingstone Roman Villa. Lieut.-Colonel G. W. Meates, E. Greenfield and Edwyn Birchenough 1953 66 15-8
The Thanet Seaports, 1650-1750 John H. Andrews 1953 66 37-44
Plans of, and brief Architectural Notes on, Kent Churches. Second Series, Part III. The Church of the Cistercian Abbey of St Mary, Boxley F. C. Elliston Erwood 1953 66 45-51
Excavations at Reculver, Kent, 1951 F. H. Thompson 1953 66 52-59
Kent Hop-Tokens John W. Bridge 1953 66 60-71
A Discovery of Acheulian Implements in the deposits of the Dartford Heath Terrace P. J. Tester 1953 66 72-76
Roman Burials at Welling P. J. Tester 1953 66 77-81
The Dominical or Sunday Letter Dial, in Eastry Church, Kent F. H. Worsfold 1953 66 82-85
The Genius Cucullatus in Kent A Note on a Romano-Gaulish Figurine found at Reculver Frank Jenkins 1953 66 86-91
Kentish Tradesmen in the Early Nineteenth Century Elizabeth Melling 1953 66 98-102
Two notes on Guernes De Pont Sainte-Maxence: Vie De Saint Thomas. William Urry 1953 66 92-102
Archaeological Horizons in the North Kent Marshes John H. Evans, F.R.G.S 1953 66 103-146
Researches and Discoveries in Kent Kent Archaeological Society 1953 66 147-164
Miscellaneous Notes: A Sydney Lawsuit: An Addendum The Repairing of the Medway Forts c. 1700 An Early Sketch of Dungeness Lighthouse Symposium. The Bromley Charter Dated A.D. 862 Pronunciation of the name Hasted Kent Archaeological Society 1953 66 165-174
Reviews: Monastic Sites from the Air. Kent Archaeological Society 1953 66 175
General Index Kent Archaeological Society 1953 66 n.p.