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Underground Kent - The Hidden Heritage of Kent

The Kent Archaeological Society host a talk by KAS Vice President, Trustee and Kent Underground Research Group Chair Rod LeGear on Kent's underground assets.


Posted Thu, 15 Apr 2021


Rod explains what it takes to investigate these enigmatic and sometimes perilous historic assets, common misunderstandings about their uses and the sheer variety of caverns, dene holes, drainage ditches and bunkers that have been dug into the County of Kent for many, many generations.

From Prehistoric mines to WWII defensive positions to the more obscure or downright odd, This fascinating look into human intervention into the landscape can tell us so much about the economy, ingenuity and resourcefulness of our forebears.



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We would also like to draw your attention to the Margate Caves report which has been substantially re-written and updated with new information. This paper was originally published in 2009 and was based on a short report prepared for the Heritage Development Advisor of Thanet District Council (TDC) and based on accepted historical facts at that time. Since then a great deal of new background research has been done by Chris Pearson, archivist of TMCCET, which has required a complete rewrite, together with KAS Vice President Rod LeGear. Open


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