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Our Neighbours in Empire: A Tour of Belgium and the Netherlands in the Roman Era

Dr Steve Willis takes us through a rapid tour of the archaeology of the Roman period in Belgium and the Netherlands, where we see similarities and marked contrasts with Kent under the Romans. Steve draws on both the work of research students from the University of Kent and that of continental colleagues, in tribute to their endeavours and discoveries, as well as in celebration of the enlightening nature of the remains.


Steve Willis has been an Archaeologist for over 35 years having begun studying the subject in evening classes at his school. He has an MA and PhD from Durham University and came to Kent in 2004 (he denies this was because the cricket team is always better than that of his home county - Sussex). He specializes in the Iron Age and Roman periods and has excavated widely. He has been a member of the KAS Council for 14 years and was elected Vice President in 2019.


Hosted by Fred Birkbeck on Microsoft Teams


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