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Excavations at Snodland Roman Villa

Giles Dawkes, Senior Archaeologist at Archaeology South East talks to KAS Trustee Fred Birkbeck about the excavations that he led at Snodland Roman villa and his experiences leading projects in Kent.


Posted Mon, 29 Mar 2021


Giles answers questions from local groups during a Teams live event and gets some interesting and useful information from the KAS 'hive mind' in return.

The talk focuses on the 2008 excavations undertaken by Archaeology South-East on the western edge of the villa complex instigated after the finding of a hoard of 3,000 coins. The principal findings were centred upon a somewhat enigmatic concentric building in use between the late 1st and 4th century AD, and represented a distinctive, if poorly understood, building type found mainly in Kent. Finally, the main villa buildings excavated in the latter 20th century and the future plans for a reconsideration is considered.



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Giles Dawkes (Senior Archaeologist, Archaeology South-East, University College London) started working in commercial in archaeology in 1993 and has worked principally in the UK but also in the USA, Australia and Ireland. He was the director of the 'Silk Road Cities of Kazakhstan' project between 2011-2017 and is now co-director of the 'Lost Fort of Castle Pinckney, South Carolina: from American Revolution to Civil War'. He has been working in Kent since 1998 and has published five monographs on the archaeology of the county. The latest 'Beyond the Wantsum: Archaeological Investigations in South Thanet, Kent' was published in 2019.

The free event was hosted by Fred Birkbeck. Also see the full site excavation report below.

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