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Archaeologia Cantiana for 1984

Archaeologia Cantiana is published annually and is free to members.

Archaeologia Cantiana has been published since 1858.

The Society welcomes contributions and notes for the guidance of contributors to Archaeologia Cantiana.

Hon. Editor: Terry G. Lawson

Kent Archaeological Society, c/o Maidstone Museum, St Faith’s Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1LH

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Title Author Published Volume
Frontispiece 1984 Kent Archaeological Society 1984 101
Frontispiece 1984 Kent Archaeological Society 1984 100
Contents and Illustrations Kent Archaeological Society 1984 101
Contents and Illustrations Kent Archaeological Society 1984 100
Officers 1st January 1985 Kent Archaeological Society 1984 100
Committees Kent Archaeological Society 1984 101
Kentish historical Writing, 1956-83: An Assessment F. Hull, D.Litt., F.R.Hist.S 1984 100
List of Local Secretaries Kent Archaeological Society 1984 101
Clactonian Flints from Rickson's Pit, Swanscombe P.J. Tester 1984 100
Annual Report for the Year Ended 31st december 1984 Kent Archaeological Society 1984 101
Canterbury: The post-war Excavations S.S. Frere 1984 100
The Kentish Royal Saints: An Enquiry into the Facts behind the Legends K.P. Witney 1984 101
The Topography of Roman Canterbury: A brief Re-assessment P. Bennett 1984 100
The Grant of Eastchurch to the Abbey of Dunes by Richard I Kent Archaeological Society 1984 101
Early Christianity in the Darent Valley G. W. Meates 1984 100
Palaeolithic Artefacts from the Gravels of the Hoo Peninsula. D.R. Bridgiand and P. Harding 1984 101
Roman architectural Ornament in Kent T.F.C. Blagg 1984 100
The Ashford Cage W.R. Briscall 1984 101
An inscribed Roman Spoon from Canterbury David Sherlock 1984 100
The Roman Ford at Iden Green, Benenden Cecily Lebon 1984 101
The Re-excavation of the Roman 'Villa' at Wingham Frank Jenkins 1984 100
The Thanet Gas Pipeline Phases I and II (Monkton Parish), 1982 D. R. J. Perkins and Sonia Chadwick Hawkes 1984 101
Romano-British Watermills R.J. Spain 1984 100
The Painting of the Legend of St. Eustace in Canterbury Fiona M. Allardyce 1984 101
The Amherst Brooch Sonia Chadwick Hawkes 1984 100
The Boatmen of Dover and Deal: The Report of the House of Commons Select Committee on the Cinque Port Pilots A.L. Macfie 1984 101
The lost Manor and Church of Elnothington Allen Grove 1984 100
Three Medieval Timber Framed Church Porches in West Kent Fawkham Kemsing and Shoreham Terence Paul Smith 1984 101
The medieval Church of St. Mary, Ebony, and its Successors Sir John Winnifrith 1984 100
A Salt-panning Site at Funton Creek A. P. Detsicas 1984 101
Three great Benedictine Houses in Kent: Their Buildings and Topography Tim Tatton-Brown 1984 100
Preaching and the Reformation in Henrician Kent Brian M. Hogben 1984 101
The ancient Cinque Port of Sandwich E. W. Parkin 1984 100
Excavation of a Saxon Grubenhaus and Roman Ditch at Kent Road, St. Mary Cray F. A. Hart 1984 101
The Community of Kent in the Reign of Richard II Bruce Webster, F.R.Hist.S 1984 100
The Population of Chartham from 1086 to 1600 Angela M. Langridge 1984 101
Population and Family Structure in the sixteenth-century Weald Michael Zell, Ph.D 1984 100
Government and urban Development in Kent: The Case of the Royal Naval Dockyard Town of Sheerness Trevor M. Harris 1984 101
The lost Buildings of Otford Palace Anthony D. Stoyel 1984 100
Interim Report on Work in 1984 by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust Canterbury Archaeological Trust 1984 101
Free Bench See-saw: Sevenoaks Widows in the late seventeenth Century H.C.F. Lansberry 1984 100
Hasted in Perspective J. Boyle, LL.B 1984 100
Researches and Discoveries in Kent: Two bronze Axes from Hythe in the Pitt Rivers Collection at Salisbury Museum . Restoration of the old Lychgate of St. Mary's Church, Bexley A new Hand Mirror from Kent Charity Boards formerly in Bexley Church Kent Archaeological Society 1984 101
The Restoration of a great Cathedral D. Ingram Hill, D.D 1984 100
Investigations and Excavations during the Year: I. Reports on Excavations supported by the Society II. Reports from Local Secretaries and Groups Kent Archaeological Society 1984 101
Boorman's Mill, Northfleet R.H. Hiscock, LL.B 1984 100
Reviews Kent Archaeological Society 1984 101
The Recovery and Excavation of the St. Augustine's Abbey Site, 1844-1947 Margaret Sparks 1984 100
General Index Kent Archaeological Society 1984 101
Kentish Turnpikes B. Keith-Lucas 1984 100