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Archaeologia Cantiana for 1948

Archaeologia Cantiana is published annually and is free to members.

Archaeologia Cantiana has been published since 1858.

The Society welcomes contributions and notes for the guidance of contributors to Archaeologia Cantiana.

Hon. Editor: Terry G. Lawson

Kent Archaeological Society, c/o Maidstone Museum, St Faith’s Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1LH

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Title Author Published Volume
Frontispiece 1948 Kent Archaeological Society 1948 61
Contents and Illustrations Kent Archaeological Society 1948 61
Annual Report and Account for the Year 1947 Kent Archaeological Society 1948 61
Canterbury Excavations Christmas 1945 and Easter 1946 Audrey Williams, Sheppard Frere 1948 61
Plans of and Brief Architectural Notes on Kent Churches - Part III Frank Charles Elliston-Erwood 1948 61
Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Inventories Leslie Sherwood 1948 61
Hengest Gordon Ward 1948 61
A Mayor of Canterbury William Watmer the Children's Friend Dorothy Gardener 1948 61
An Incised Slab at West Wickham F. A. Greenhill(Scot.) 1948 61
Some Kentish Indents III Raymond H. D'Elboux 1948 61
Ancient Monuments in Kent B. F. Jessup 1948 61
Notes on Roman Roads in East Kent Ivan D. Margary 1948 61
Excavations in Joyden's Wood Bexley H. A. Colvin 1948 61
Smythe's Megalith John H. Evans 1948 61
Salt Hill A Lost Canterbury Tumulus William Urry 1948 61
An Early Iron Age Site at Borden F. H. Worsfold 1948 61
Dover in 1066 Geoffrey Bosanquet 1948 61
Glass and Monuments formerly in the Church of Gillingham C. B. Councer 1948 61
Darent Valley Archaeological Research-Schedule of New Discoveries in Darent Valley 1947-48 Geoffrey Wells Meates 1948 61
Book Notices John Harvey 1948 61
Obituaries Kent Archaeological Society 1948 61
Miscellaneous Notes F. C. Elliston-Erwood 1948 61
General Index Kent Archaeological Society 1948 61