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Annual Bibliography of Kentish Archaeology and History

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Kent Archaeological Society

Kent Archaeological Society.2016.Annual Bibliography of Kentish Archaeology and History.Archaeologia Cantiana.137:322-330.



Compilers: Ms D. Saunders, Ms E. Finn, Kent History & Library Centre.

Contributors: Prehistoric – K. Parfitt; Roman – Dr J. Weekes;

Anglo-Saxon – Dr A. Richardson; Modern – Prof. D. Killingray.

A bibliography of books, articles, reports and pamphlets

published in the calendar year 2015 (unless otherwise stated).


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early modern

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canterbury cathedral archives


Ash, St Nicholas: Composite registers, 1558-1783; Registers of baptisms, 1688-2007; Registers of banns, 1783-1998; Registers of marriages, 1783-2008; Registers of burials, 1678-1949; Register of confirmation, 1934-1975; Registers of services, 1842-2010; Churchwardens’ account books, 1633-1922; Churchwardens’ briefs, 1707-1781; Vestry minute books, 1704-2014; Parish magazines, 1899-1904, 1906-1908, 1910-1916, 1951-1964, 1967-2013; Visitors books, 1921-1957, 1982-1987 (U3-274)

Chartham, St Mary: Papers relating to the churchyard, 1972-1994; Papers relating to the Rectory/Vicarage, 1980-1987; PCC accounts, 1979-1999; PCC receipts, 2000-2001; Papers relating to the church, 1966-2004; Papers relating to the church hall, 1921-1984; Papers relating to PCC property, other, 1989-1990; PCC minutes, 1981-2000; PCC sub- committee – church hall, 1982; PCC sub-committee – Foundation 2000 project; 1998-2003; PCC sub-committee – Millennium celebration, 1997-2000; Parish correspondence, 1991-1992 (U3-154)

Dover, Holy Trinity: Register of banns, 1931-1939; Order of services, 1833; Papers relating to the church hall, 1902-1962; Inventory, 1927; Easter Vestry minute book, 1889 -1925; Churchwardens, sidemen and choir minute book, 1897-1922; Parish magazines, 1931-1937; List of parishioners who died in WW1, 1920s (U3-92)

Hawkinge, St Luke: Registers of services, 1955-1983; Visitors book, 1967-2009 (U3-293)

Hernhill, St Michael: Register of marriages, 2008-2013; Register of services, 1997-2010; PCC minute books, 1983-1997 (U3-235)

Minster in Thanet, St Mary: Register of marriages, 2006-2011 (U3-164)

Reculver, St Mary the Virgin: Statement of accounts, 1956-1965, 1967 1971, 1973, 1975, 1978-1981, 1988-1996 (U3-99)

Ringwould, St Nicholas: Papers relating to the Rectory/Vicarage, 1965; Papers relating to Glebe, 1938; Papers relating to Stipendiary Income, 1929-1966; Other records relating to Incumbent property and income, 1929 (U3-104)

St Nicholas-at-Wade and Sarre: Register of marriages, 2005-2011 (U3-18)

Sandwich, St Bartholomew’s Hospital: Register of baptisms, 1869-2013; Register of burials, 1819-2014 (U3-171)

Stourmouth, All Saints: Certificate, 1793; Register of churchyard, 1920s; Patronage papers, 1954; Marriage licence,1873; Papers relating to the churchyard, 1901; Papers relating to the Rectory/Vicarage, 1913-1960; Papers relating to stipendiary income, 1952; Papers relating to church fees, 1927; Churchwardens’ receipts, 1688; Papers relating to the chancel, 1952-1963; Papers relating to the church, 1915-1962; Papers relating to the War Memorial, 1920; Other papers relating to Churchwardens’ property, 1907; Statistical returns of parochial work, 1915-1930; Settlement certificates, 1706 & 1786; Apprenticeship indentures, 1647 & 1674; Other papers relating to apprenticeship, 1691; Papers relating to the Culmner charity, 1737-1819 & 1895-1932; Papers relating to the church lands charity, 1606 & 1961; tithe redemption certificate, 1927; Miscellaneous deeds, 1694; Plans, 1931 (U3-97)

Swingfield, St Peter: Register of burials, 1940-2005 (U3-153)

Teynham, St Andrew: Registers of services, 1878-2003 (U3-227)

Teynham, St Mary: Registers of services, 1878-1925, 1945-1962, 1990-2003 (U3-222)

Westgate, St James: Registers of marriages, 1976-2010 (U3-279)

Westmarsh, Holy Trinity (Ware): Register of baptisms, 1861-1968, Register of banns, 1904-1966, Register of marriages, 1861-1966, Register of services, 1893-1968 (U3-255)

Whitstable, All Saints: Registers of baptisms, 1987-2014; Register of banns, 1995-2000, Register of marriages, 1992-2012, Registers of services, 2007-2012 (U3-131)

Whitstable, St Alphege: Register of baptisms, 1994-2007; Registers of marriages, 2001-2011; Annual report, 2015 (U3-290)

Canterbury City Council

Complete set of 1st edn OS Maps for the City of Canterbury, 1873 (CC)

Herne Bay Urban District Council Cemetery Plans, 1881-1971 (UD/HB)

Dean and Chapter of Canterbury

Glass plate slides of photographs by George Washington Wilson, ‘Canterbury and its Cathedral’ series, late 19th century (DCc-GPSN/32)

Three pencil sketches of the Cathedral by Ernest Raymond Toseland, c1976 (DCc-PRINDRAW/1/F)


Papers relating to Chartham Primary School, 1976, 1989-1993 (U3-154)

Printed books belonging to St Augustine’s Library, 19th-20th century (U88)

Ballard Postcard collection, early 20th century (U534)

Edward F. Enston papers, late 19th and early 20th century (U551)

Wingham Cricket Club, 1878-1887 (U553)

Collection of John Derwent Allen relating to HMS Kent, 1910-1950s (U557)

Grant of land in the parish of Thanington, 1344 (U558)

Wye: Inspeximus by Queen Elizabeth I relating to a case concerning a field called Sheredane in the parish of Wye, 1573 (U559/1)

Manuscript fragment from a Sarum Breviary, 15th-century (U560/1)

kent history and library centre

Charities and Societies

Kent Numismatic Society records, 1914-2014 (Ch177)

Writings of Samuel Graveson, 1942-1949 (Ch182)

West Kent Federation of Women’s Institutes and its associated branches, 1919-2006 (Ch92)

East Kent Federation of Women’s Institutes and its associated branches, 1900-2006 (Ch170)

Ancient Order of Foresters: Court Lullingstone Minutes, 1871-1875 (CH183)


Barming, St Andrew: Parish Registers, 1970-1999 (P241L) Addl

Chart Sutton, St Michael’s: Parish registers,1885-2011 (P83) Addl

East Sutton, St Peter & St Paul: Parish registers, 1838-1998 (P360B) Addl

Headcorn, St Peter & St Paul: Parish registers, 1889-2005 (P181) Addl

Milstead, St Mary and The Holy Cross: Parish records 1848-1982 (P250) Addl

Sevenoaks, St Luke, in the parish of St Mary, Kippington: Marriage registers, 1970-1995 (P330D)

Sundridge, St Mary’s with Ide Hill: Marriage registers, 1969-2006 (P357)

Sutton Valence, St Mary The Virgin: Parish registers, 1849-193 (P360) Addl

West Malling, St Mary’s: Parish registers, 1889-1982 (P243) Addl

Wartime records

Civil Defence ‘Borough of Folkestone: Civil Defence 1939-1945: Illustrated Record of Enemy Action’, 1940-1944, (Fo/W4/5)

Government deposited Home security air raid files for Tunbridge Wells, 1940-1945 (MOD/HS/1)


The Astor of Hever Community School: governors’ minutes and other governing body material, 1998-2006 (C/E/S/409)

Brenchley and Matfield Primary School: log books and newspaper cuttings, 1928-1986 (C/E/S/45/3)

Stansted Church of England Primary School: minutes of the Interim Executive Board 2014-2015 (C/E/S/406B/1) Addl


Poster warning that vagrancy is illegal in Margate, 1815 (U4028)

Additional Whitbread Brewery material (U3555)

Deeds extracted from artificial collections: Transferred from Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre. Land in Milton, Bobbing and Lower Halstow, etc., 1722; will of Henry Miller, 1846; lease of property in Staplehurst, 1859 (U4027) Deeds and documents for the Office and premises at The Hill, Cranbrook, 1834-1931 (U4010)

Advertising flyer of the General Steam Navigation Company Ltd, 1905 (U4068)

Sales particulars and miscellaneous papers, mainly relating to Maidstone and District, 1886-1956 (U4037)

British Railways Board: Ashford Railway Staff Record Cards, 1890-1990 (BRB/AE1)

Maidstone Country Market: minutes and newspaper articles, 1945-2015 (U4067)

North Kent Methodist records (M95)

Preston Hall, The Royal British Legion Village and Preston Hall Hospital, Aylesford, 1660-2001 (U3998)

Plans of South Park Estate, Penshurst (U4068)

Papers of Maurice C. Young, local historian of Hythe, 1977-1996 (U3982)

Deeds and notices relating to families and land in Sellindge, Brabourne, Monks Horton, Bilsington, Romney Marsh and Ulcombe, 1680-1821 (U4029)

Deeds for land and property in Minster-in-Thanet, 1713-1872 (U4047)

Typescript: Particulars of the account of Simon de Bradstede, 1361-1362 (TR3943)

medway archives and local studies centre

Parish and Parish Council

St Albans, Blue Bell Hill Parish registers 1931-1998 (P85J)

Sutton at Hone Baptism register 1962-2012 (P358/1B/1)

Meopham parish registers, 1980-2007 (P246/01) Addl

Cliffe Parish Council: minutes 2002-2010 (PC94)

Darenth Parish Council minutes 1894-1981(PC109)

Rochester City Council

Surveyors department: bunker (dwg) 1940 (RCA/CS3/6/5)

Rochester City Chamberlains receipts (additional) 1669-1727 (RCA/N)


Chapter School (Strood) records 1921-2009 (C/ES/150C)

St Peters Primary School Rochester 1891-1990 (C/ES/305D)

Hoo St Werbergh Council School 1876-1994 (C/ES/190)


Duppa Estates at Stoke and Hundred of Hoo: deeds and sales particulars, including Parsonage Farm, 1869-1903 (DE1252)

Deeds: Milton Road, Gillingham, 1902-1990 (P129)

Deeds: 11, Bryant Road, Strood, 1869-1939 (DE50)

Title deeds to 181, Frindsbury Road, Strood (formerly 16, Salisbury Terrace, Frindsbury Road), 1903-1951 (P138)

Miscellaneous legal documents: Rochester, relating to wharves on the Medway 1866, 1880?, (DE1251)

London, Tilbury and Southend Railway: lands in Essex belonging to the Sir John Hawkins Hospital, Chatham, 1851-1852 (P149)

Brisley Family: miscellaneous papers, 1847-1853 (DE164)

Fort Darnet Isolation Hospital (plan drawing) no date c. early 20th (DE65/1)

Freeman admittance: W. Hedgcock, 1832 (DE56)

Title documents: Delce, Rochester, 1862-1892 (DE1253)