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Ruiha Smalley

Ruiha Smalley

Photo of Ruiha Smalley


I came to the UK, from Australia, in 1996. I gained a BA and a Graduate Diploma in Librarian Science prior to my arrival and once here worked in a number of sectors in various library and information management roles. In 2003 I was awarded an MSc in Information Systems and Technology at City University. I started my formal archaeological education at Birkbeck and in 2011 completed an MA in Artefact Studies at UCL, specialising in textile archaeology. I worked on textile projects with the V&A, the British Museum and the Bexley Heritage Trust, and studied ‘Textile recognition, analysis and cataloguing’ at the Fondazione LISIO in Florence.

Since graduating I have continued to work in the heritage sector as a volunteer. I am involved with community archaeology with the Shorne Woods Archaeology Group where I maintain the Group’s website and am part of a team involved in Kent based excavations. I continue to volunteer at the British Museum, with the Department of Egypt and Sudan.

I bring to the Kent Archaeological Society my knowledge and experience in library and archival management. My personal interest is in improving the quality of data available on the library collections, thereby improving overall access.