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Mike Clinch

Mike Clinch

Michael Clinch
Vice President

Member of Council

A KAS member since 1954, I have been Vice President for the last 2 years and a longstanding member of Council. I am currently Secretary of both the Historic Buildings Committee and the Industrial Archaeology Committee.

Originally trained as a teacher, I became interested in field archaeology whilst writing my dissertation on the history of settlement patterns along the Darenth Valley. Subsequently, I was involved in several digs with Peter Tester, most notably of Cobham Villa.

Professionally, I was a primary teacher and then headteacher of a school for autistic and brain damaged children. I later added an Advanced Diploma in the Education of Handicapped Children to my qualifications. I then became an adviser for Educational Technology with a special responsibility for gifted children in the Inner London Education Authority. During this time, I graduated from the OU in 1984 with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. My next post with the I.L.E.A. was as Director of Support Services for teacher in-service training. I retired in 1990 when Mrs Thatcher abolished the I.L.E.A. I then worked for the government research and statistics department. I am an active member of the Kent Underground Research Group and for many years have been involved in the exploration and recording of underground spaces. I currently represent the society on the South East Region Industrial Archaeology Conference.