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Christopher Blair-Myers

Christopher Blair-Myers

Member of Council

Trustee Rapporteur to Council for Fieldwork Committee

A Man of Kent, though not to adherents of the diocesan division. Born in Maidstone, brought up in Rochester, before training as a surveyor-cartographer at the long gone Directorate of Overseas Surveys. Transferred to the Department for International Development specialising in remote sensing and aerial photographic interpretation.

Long term deployments to exotic locations in East Africa and Asia and appreciably less exotic ones to Italy and Belgium with the European Commission. These broken by a spell in the UK to undertake post graduate studies in Geographical Information Systems at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Thereafter with Greenwich University supervising postgraduates then local government and commercial consultancies, culminating in the Kent County Council habitat survey and my introduction to Kent archaeology identifying cropmarks for the heritage team.

Now retired I am currently building a county database of cropmarks incorporating interpreted geophysical surveys, LIDAR and excavation plans. I have excavated at Bourne Park and Otford Roman villas and on the Lees Court Project.

To the society I bring extensive technical expertise in surveying and mapping, in particular the interpretation or aerial photography and satellite imagery along with the incorporation of these data within Geographical Information Systems and databases. In general management I have been unit head responsible for bidding and delivering small to medium sized projects up to £500,000 and leading multidisciplinary teams for more than 25 years.

I have a particular interest in Romano-British Archaeology but wider interests include photographing Kent’s botany and collecting early 19th century Chinese pewter and tea ware. Currently learning how to throw pots at Aylesford Pottery School and identify Roman forms and fabrics.