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Unguentarium (perfume bottle) from Trosley Roman villa

Submitted by Jacob Scott on 31 October 2023

KAS Curator Andy Ward and the team from CSI: Sittingbourne share a Unguentarium (perfume bottle).


Posted 22nd September 2023


If you've been following our project at Trosley Court you may remember that last week we lifted a partially intact Unguentarium or perfume bottle! It was quite exciting to help lift this from the soil for the first time in nearly 2000 years.

The bottle after excavation.
Back at the site office.
Under a macroscope to aid cleaning.
Close up of the cleaning process.

The bottle went to CSI: Sittingbourne for cleaning by Dana & her team and its now finished. Liz, a Conservation MA Student from Cardiff University has done an excellent job cleaning the glass.

Cleaning finished (1 of 3).
Cleaning finished (1 of 3).
Cleaning finished (3 of 3).

I'll be posting more photos of the final result once I've been able to collect it, but already it looks vastly different to how it came out the ground.