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Thames Gateway reports

Submitted by Ruiha Smalley on 31 July 2019

Reports on the Greater Thames Estuary can be accessed online for free. 

The Greater Thames Estuary Historic Environment Research Framework

Authors: Essex County Council, Historic Environment Branch

Publisher: English Heritage

Date: 2010

Introduction: The Greater Thames Estuary is an area with a rich historic environment resource; above and below ground, and above and below water. In 1999 the Greater Thames Estuary Archaeological Steering Committee published the first research framework for the area (Williams and Brown 1999) recognising the need for a coherent approach to research in this great European estuary. This document has served to direct research and underpin curatorial decision making for the last ten years, which have seen considerable change take place around the estuary.

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Thames Gateway Historic Environment Characterisation Project: final report

Publisher: Historic England

Date: 2005

Introduction: A rapid strategic characterisation of the historic environment of the whole Thames Gateway area, from Southwark in London, to Southend-on-Sea in Essex and Faversham in Kent. The principal aims of the project were to prepare a broad overview of the character of the area’s historic environment and to develop a model for assessing its sensitivity. These were intended to supply a context for the long-term involvement of English Heritage and its partners in the Sustainable Communities Plan.

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