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Recharging British Archaeology survey

Submitted by Ruiha Smalley on 8 July 2020

Every organisation involved in public participation in archaeology has been affected in some way by the Coronavirus crisis. This is your chance to tell us how the CBA can help. 


The CBA has recently secured support from Historic England’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund for a project to help rebuild public participation in archaeology as we recover from the effects of the pandemic.


Cancelled projects, loss of income, worries about volunteer capacity and the need to plan for different ways of working in future are just some of the problems that groups have faced. There are distinct challenges for those working with children and young people, as well as those with an older membership.


Through this project, the CBA will use its knowledge and skills to support as many organisations as possible to help rebuild public participation in archaeology. We will listen to what organisations need so that we can offer small-scale immediate support and – most importantly –  plan a future programme of activity and funding bids which will enable us to help recharge community archaeology over the coming months and years.


For more details and a link to complete the survey please click here -