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Mereworth Transcription

Submitted by Ruiha Smalley on 5 October 2021

Our Transcription Interest Group has been working on papers in the Gordon Ward collection. This document relates to the sale of lands in Mereworth in 1627. The two persons involved are George Cotton and Lawrance Evernden.


Mereworth doc MER014


Indenture: Cotton & Evenden


The sale of lands and premises in Mereworth and West Peckham in September 1627.


29 Sept[ember]


 [Latin text not transcribed]

The Condic[i]on of this present Obligac[i]on is such That whereas the above bounden George/ Cotton for & in considerac[i]on of the sum[me] of one hundred pounds to him in hand paid at & before/ the seallinge hereof menc[i]ones & expresses in one paire of Indentures bearinge dat[e] above written/ hath bargained sold infe[o]ffed delivered & confirmed unto the above named Laurance Evernden/ his heires & assignes to the only use & behoofe of the said Laurance Evernden his heires &/ assignes for ever certaine Lands & premisses lyinge & beinge in the said p[ar]ish of Mereworth/ & in the p[ar]ish of  Little <West> Peckham in the said county of Kent now in the occupac[i]on of William/ Stone husbandman or his assignes conteyninge by estimac[i]on fifteene acres more or lesse as in &/ by the said Indentures more at large it playnly doth & may appeare And further whereas/ the said George Cotton hath covenanted primises and guarintees to & w[i]<th> the said Laurance/ Evernden his heires & assignes That he the said George Cotton & Constance his now wife shall &/ will wi<th> (havinge fourteene dayes warninge thereof given to them or either of them <before <two> suffitient witnesses>) levie and/ acknowledge a fine of & upon the said Lands & premisses at any of the next two Assizes w[hi]<ch>/ shal[l]be holden at Maidston[e] or els[e] where in & for the said county of kent w[i]<th>in one whole yeare/ next after the date above written if it shal[l]be though[t] needfull by the said Laurance Evernden/ his heires or assignes or by his or <there> councell learned in the law for the better strengthening his or/ their estate therein w[i]<th>out any man[n]er of cost or charges to be [illegible] demanded of him <the said George Cotton> or his/ said wife (but only the costs in lawe) If therefore the said George Cotton & Constance his said/ wife doe & shall havinge the warninge aforesaid given them or either of them by the/ said Laurance Evernden or his assinges <before two sufitient witnesses> whom they shall be ap[p]oynted in the said county and/ there do levie & acknowledge asine of & upon the s[ai]d lands & premisses to the only use and/ behoofe of the said Laurance Evernden his heires & assignes for ever in such man[n]er as/ they shal[l]be required by the said Laurance Evernden or his assignes That then this present/ obligac[i]on to be utterly voyd Or els[e] it to stand & be in full force & effect in the Lawe/

Signed  [Latin not transcribed]

           Will[iam] Rayner

           William Stone                                      Geo[rge] Cotton

              his   X   marke

             William Evernden