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Finds Friday: Decorated Bronze Age bracelet from Aylesford

Submitted by Jacob Scott on 31 October 2023

Curator Andy Ward shares a decorated Bronze Age bracelet from Aylesford.


Posted 21st July 2023


It's #FindsFriday and so I thought I would share this wonderful detail image of the incised decoration on one of the #BronzeAge gold bracelets from Aylesford.

Decoration of the Bronze Age bracelet from Aylesford.

Part of a collection of gold items reportedly recovered from the River Medway in the 1860s. The finds were purchased by the society shortly after our foundation in 1857. They are now on display in our temporary exhibition at Maidstone Museums.

The incised lines on the terminals (the ends of the bracelet) were likely made with a small bronze tool to form the triangular, parallel, and horizontal lines. This sheet working technique is typical of the late Bronze Age (c. 1100 BC - 800 BC). It is possible that this bracelet and the others in the group were imported from either Ireland or the Continent.