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Finds Friday: Animal bone from Roman Otford

Submitted by Jacob Scott on 31 October 2023

Curator Andy Ward shares some animal bone recovered from the Otford Roman villa site.


Posted 23rd June 2023


It's been an interesting day identifying animal bones on the Otford Roman Villa site. This very large bone is the right humerus of a bovine, probably a cow. You can spot it's the right hand side by looking at the Anterior View (1st image) and seeing the curve from the bottom left to right.

Photo 1 of 3.

I compared this to the Russell Bone Atlas example (4th image) to be certain. The posterior view (2nd image) shows very clearly the head of the humerus.

Photo 2 of 3.

These bones will be looked over by a specialist in animal bones to confirm the exact species and any taphonomy (how the animal died, what happened to its remains after death etc.)

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We've also had a number of pig, sheep, and horse remains which are currently being washed and dried.