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Allen Grove Fund application form

Allen Grove Local History Fund: The Society administers the Allen Grove Local History Fund which was given in the will of the late Allen Grove. lts objects are to promote research, preservation and enjoyment of local history. These objects are consistent with those of the Society. lt is a restricted fund and is invested separately from the Society’s other investments. In accordance with the terms of the legacy, decisions on how the fund is to be spent are taken by the Society’s officers

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(a) Applications must be made on this form and submitted by the 31st March next to the Allen Grove Fund, 8 Woodview Crescent. Hildenborough, Tonbridge, TN11 9HD

(b) Grants will not be made for excavation or similar work. Applications for grants for excavations should be made to the Hon. General Secretary of the Kent Archaeological Society by the 31st October.

(c) Projects should be for the purposes of research, preservation or enjoyment of local history including practical projects.

(d) The Trustees consider 'local history' to include the reconstructable history of any identifiable past local 'society' (whether rural or urban) throughout its existence and in its evolving geographic and cultural contexts. Research and other projects that contribute to any aspect of that reconstruction in relation to the ancient county of Kent , whether analytically or in terms of conserving 1 or recording the evidence left by the society in question - for example, documentary, photographic, topographic or material, oral or folkloric and publication will be considered.

(e) Any award will be subject to conditions decided by the Trustees. These may include: the date by which the project should be completed, regular reports and a final report, keeping an account of how the grant was spent, publication of the report (or a summary of it) in one of the Society's publications and appropriate acknowledgments of the grant in reports etc.

(f) If the application is by a group or society the project leader should make the application (giving his or her details in replies to questions 1-4) and include the name of the group or society (in reply to question 1) and details of the major participants.

(g) Where there is insufficient space on the form, please continue your answer on a separate sheet of paper.

1 The ancient county of Kent includes Medway and the London Boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich and Lewisham as well as the administrative county of Kent.
please give dates of qualifications

Any other information which you would like to supply about you and/or the group on whose behalf you are making this application.

Please indicate the nature of your project, such as documentary, oral or visual research, where this will take place, and when it will be completed.

If yes, in what form(s)         
Please indicate any previous relevant experience, any publications (including those in joint names) and any experience in similar work or projects

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