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Lees Court Project

Lees Court Project

A partnership project between the Society, the Lees Court Estate Trust and the University of Kent to investigate the history, buildings, place names and archaeology of the Lees Court Estate.

We are gearing up for the 2019 excavation season on the Lees Court Estate.  We will be returning to the site in August – September 2019.

I cannot give you more specific dates as yet because we are awaiting some harvesting information from the Estate - you can imagine that with the weather, accurate forecasts are somewhat difficult.

Current thoughts are that areas of interest to us on the Estate will become available mid-August onwards.

We are planning to return to Wood’s Court Field.  Firstly, we will complete the final quadrant from the 2018 excavation area and we will also open up a trench over the location of Bronze Age Hoard I, located in the south-eastern border of the field, to complete this part of the project.  We will also extend a trench between the two excavation sites looking any form of enclosure features between the hoards and their possible surrounding settlements.

During the winter we conducted a series of Mag. Survey’s in Badlesmere Bottom, in the field opposite Wood’s Court, on the other side of the valley.  The surveys have provided us with a very long list of possible features that will need further examination.  Subject to the availability of the field and time, we will conduct exploratory excavations over some of these features during the August dig.

More information on dig dates soon.

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I look forward to welcoming you on site in August.

Kind Regards


Clive Drew