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The Roman Pottery of Kent
by Dr Richard J. Pollard  -  Page xv
Doctoral thesis completed in 1982, published 1988



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Alcock 1971 to Bell 1977
Bennett 1978 to Breeze 1977
Breeze & Dobson 1978 to Castle 1973b
Castle 1974 to Cotton & Richardson 1941
Cotton & Richardson 1949 to Dore
      & Green 1977
Dowker 1878 to Evans 1949
Evans 1950 to Fulford 1978a
Fulford 1978b to Green 1981
Green forthcoming to Hartley 1963
Hartley 1968 to Hopkins 1980
Horner 1965 to Jessup 1928
Jessup 1932 to Kent 1978

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Kent 1979 to Margary 1939
Margary 1947 to Money 1968
Money 1974 to Orton & Orton 1975
Palmer 1975 to Pemberton 1973
Penn 1957 to Pollard 1981a
Pollard 1981b to Richardson 1948
Rigby 1973 to Rodwell 1979
Rodwell & Rowley 1975 to Stead 1976
Stebbings 1937 to Todd 1978b
Todd 1981 to Webster 1976
Webster 1977 to Wood 1883
Worsfold 1948 to Young & Bird 1981

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