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List of Officers, xiii; Members of Council, xiv; Committees, xv; List of Local Secretaries, xvi; Members’ List, xvii; Corresponding Societies, l; Institutional Subscribers, lii; Annual Report for the Year, lix.
1. The Royalist rising and parliamentary mutinies of 1645 in west Kent. By F.D. Johns, M.A. 01
2. The Romanesque crypt capitals of Canterbury Cathedral. By Richard Gameson 17
3. The excavations on the site of St. Mary’s church, Chapel Bank, Tenterden, with indications
   of the deserted village of Ebony. By Cecily Lebon and Alec Miles

4. Anglo-Saxon settlement in the Darent valley and environs. By Susan Tyler, B.A. 71
5. The Jutish cemetery at Sarre revisited: Part II. By D.R.J. Perkins 83
6. Edward Hasted, A Kentish JP. By Shirley Burgoyne Black, Ph.D. 121
7. Excavations at the south-east bastion, Rochester city wall. By D. Bacchus 129
8a Ulcombe poor in the late eighteenth—early nineteenth century. By F.H. Panton 139

Discovery of a thirteenth-century hoard of silver coins in the chapel of St. Bartholomew’s 
   Hospital, Sandwich. By Charles A. Wanostrocht

9. Wricklemarsh revisited. By Michael Egan 161
10. The Mount Roman villa, Maidstone. By D.B. Kelly 177
11. Seasalter: A problem borough in Domesday Kent re-examined. By Robert Baldwin, M.A. 237
12. Archaeological evaluations at Ebbsfleet in the Isle of Thanet. By D.R.J. Perkins 269

A history of Bifrons mansion house. By B.M. Thomas


Contents continued page vi

14. Late Victorian embellishments to Margate. By Angela C. Bennett, B.A. 331
15. Interim report on work carried out in 1992 by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust 357
16. Researches and discoveries in Kent 383
17. Investigations and excavations during the year 418
18. Reviews 421
19. Obituaries 429
20. General Index 431

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