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List of Officers, xv; Members of Council, xvi; Committees, xvii~ List of Local Secretaries,
    xviii; Members’ List, xix; Corresponding Societies, 1; Annual Report for the Year, lx.
1. The remains of a building in the precincts of St. Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury, 
   excavated in 1964. By Frank Jenkins, M.A., Ph.D., F.S.A.
2. The ledger slabs of Canterbury Cathedral, 1991. By Tempest Hay 05
3. Kentish land measurements of the thirteenth century. By K.P. Witney 29
4. Excavation of a Belgic and Roman site at 50—54 High Street, Rochester. 
   By A. C. Harrison, B.A., F.S.A.

5. Probate accounts as a source for Kentish early modern economic and social history. 
   By Jacqueline Bower.

6. Kentish map-makers of the seventeenth century. By F. Hull 63
7. Mapping and estate management on the early nineteenth-century estate: The case of the 
   Earl of Aylesford’s estate atlas. By David H. Fletcher

8. Kent churches — Some new architectural notes. By Tim Tatton-Brown 111

The church of St. Mary the Virgin, Stone-in-Oxney, with particular reference to recent
   excavation of the North Chapel and to the fire of 1464. By The Revd. S.D. Harris

10. The Jutish cemetery at Sarre revisited: A rescue evaluation. By D.R.J. Perkins 139
11. Murder at Lees Court. By Sir Richard Faber 167
12. From Staplehurst to Wellington. By D.F. Francis King, M.A., P.G.C.E. 185

The finances and government of the city and county of Canterbury in the eighteenth and
   early nineteenth centuries. By F.H. Panton


Contents continued page vi

14. A Late Bronze Age hoard found at Monkton Court Farm, Thanet. By D.R.J. Perkins 247
15. Interim report on work carried out in 1991 by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust 265
16. Researches and discoveries in Kent:
   Sheerness and the Isle of Sheppey in 1773. By Jeremy Black
   The Roman road (R2) at Springhead. By Victor T. C. Smith
   The Bronze Age urn from Capel-le-Ferne. By K. Parfitt and L. V. Grinsell
   A Mesolithic site in Priory Gardens, Orpington. By Tony Grey and Alan Tyler
   Sevenoaks District architectural history group. By Anthony D. Stoyel
   Archaeological notes from Maidstone Museum. By D.B. Kelly
   Archaeological notes from Dartford Borough Museum. By P. W. Boreham
   Denehole subsidence at Barnehurst. By R.F. LeGear

17 Reviews 353
18. Obituaries 369
19. General Index 373

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