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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 108  1990  Contents  page v + vi

This Volume is dedicated to the memory of Allen Grove



List of Officers, xv; Members of Council, xvi; Committees, xvii; List of Local Secretaries,
    xviii,  Members’ List, xix; Corresponding Societies; xlix; Annual Report for the Year, lviii.
Allen Grove. A personal memoir. By Alec Detsicas
1. A Kentish clerical dynasty: Curteis of Sevenoaks. By Nigel Yates, M.A., F. S.Hist.S. 01
2. A Beaker burial from Manston, near Ramsgate. By D.R.J. Perkins and A.M. Gibson 11
3. Memorial to Lady Austen in Bexley Church. By K. M. Roome 29
4. Darenth Park Anglo-Saxon cemetery, Dartford. By D. Batchelor 35
5. Sources for Kentish history: Trade and industry. By C. W. Chalklin 73
6. Excavations at Rochester Cathedral. By Alan Ward, M.A., and Trevor Anderson, M.A. 91
7. William de Shoreham. By Helen Wheeler, M.A. 153
8. The Roper gateway, St. Dunstan’s Street, Canterbury. By Terence Paul Smith 163

Discovery of Roman remains at Maidstone Road, Chatham. By D. Bacchus

10. Interim report on work carried out in 1990 by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust 195
11. Researches and discoveries in Kent:
   Sevenoaks District Architectural History Group. By A.D. Stoyel
James Simmons — A postscript. By F.H. Panton .
   The builder of Bifrons. By Philip H. Blake . .
   The Trust for Thanet Archaeology: Excavations and evaluations, 1989—1990. By L. Jay

Contents continued page vi

   The spires on the parish churches of St. Mary at Minster-in-Thanet and Wingham. 
      By Tim Tatton-Brown and Rupert Austin
Archaeological notes from Maidstone Museum. By D.B. Kelly
Notes from the Kent County Museum Service. By J. Vale

12. Investigations and excavations during the year 299
13. Reviews 301
14. Obituaries 313
15. General Index 317

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