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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 101  1984  Contents  page v + vi

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List of Officers, xiii; Members of Council, xiv; Committees, xv; List of Local Secretaries, xvi; Annual Report for the Year, xviii.
1. The Kentish Royal Saints: An Enquiry into the Facts behind the Legends. By K.P. Witney 01
2. The Grant of Eastchurch to the Abbey of Dunes by Richard I. By Claire van Nerom 23
3. Palaeolithic Artefacts from the Gravels of the Hoo Peninsula. 
   By D.R. Bridgiand and P. Harding

4. The Ashford Cage. By W.R. Briscall 57
5. The Roman Ford at Iden Green, Benenden. By Cecily Lebon 69
6. The Thanet Gas Pipeline Phases I and II (Monkton Parish), 1982. 
   By D. R. J. Perkins and Sonia Chadwick Hawkes

7. The Painting of the Legend of St. Eustace in Canterbury. By Fiona M. Allardyce, M.A. 115
8. The Boatmen of Dover and Deal: The Report of the House of Commons Select Committee
   on the Cinque Port Pilots. By A.L. Macfie, M.A., Ph.D.


Three medieval timber-framed Church Porches in west Kent: Fawkham, Kemsing and
. By Terence Paul Smith, B.A., M.A., M.Litt., M.1.F.A.

10. A Salt-panning Site at Funton Creek. By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. 165
11. Preaching and the Reformation in Henrician Kent. By Brian M. Hogben 169
12. Excavation of a Saxon Grubenhaus and Roman Ditch at Kent Road, St. Mary Cray. 
   By F. A. Hart


Contents continued page vi

13. The Population of Chartham from 1086 to 1600. By Angela M. Langridge 217
14. Government and urban Development in Kent: The Case of the Royal Naval Dockyard Town
   of Sheerness. By Trevor M. Harris, B.A., Ph.D.

15. Interim Report on Work in 1984 by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust 277
16. Kent Archives Office: Major Accessions, 1981—83. By Nigel Yates 313
17. Researches and Discoveries in Kent:
   Two bronze Axes from Hythe in the Pitt Rivers Collection at Salisbury Museum .
   Restoration of the old Lychgate of St. Mary’s Church, Bexley
   A new Hand Mirror from Kent
   Charity Boards formerly in Bexley Church
   Fountain House, Cobham Hall
   Mesolithic Horizons in Cliffe Marshes . .
   Excavations at Northdown, Margate, 1984
   Archaeological Notes from Maidstone Museum

18. Investigations and Excavations during the Year 381
19. Reviews 385
20. General Index 399

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