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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 98  1982  Contents  page v + vi

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List of Officers, xiii; Members of Council, xiv; Committees, xv; List of Local 
   Secretaries, xvi;  Corresponding Societies, xvii; Members’ List, xix.
   Annual Report for the Year 1981 xix
1. Francis Henry Murray, Rector of Chislehurst. By Nigel Yates, M.A., F.R.Hist.S. 01
2. A Sun-dial Tile from St. Augustine’s Abbey. By David Sherlock 19
3. An Investigation of the Romano-British Pottery Industry on the Upchurch Marshes. 
   By Jason Monaghan, B.Sc.

4. Danson Park, Bexley. By Roger White 51
5. The Domesday of Dover Castle — An archival History. 
   By F. Hull, B.A., Ph.D., D. Litt., F. R. Hist. S.

6. The Topography and Buildings of Horton Manor, near Canterbury.
    By Tim Tatton-Brown

7. The Old Court Hall, Lydd. By E.W. Parkin 107
8. Excavations at Eastry Court Farm, Eastry. By C. J. Arnold 121
9. A Hoard of ‘radiate’ Coins from Allington. By John A. Davies, B.A. 137
10. The Hammill ritual Shaft. By J.D. Ogilvie, F.S.A. 145
11. The Loss and the supposed Recovery by Edward Hasted of his ancestral Estates. 
   By John Boyle, LL.B., F.S.A.

12. Report of an Excavation in the Grounds of St. Bartholomew’s Chapel, Chatham. 
   By Dr J.P. Hayes, F. R. C. Path., D. E. Williams, Dip.A. D., and P. R. Payne


Contents continued page vi

13. The geographical Pattern of Coaching Services in Kent in 1836. 
   By Terence Paul Smith, B.A., M.A., M.Litt.

14. Interim Report on Excavations in 1982 by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust 215
15. Researches and Discoveries in Kent:
   The Custumal of Kent
   An unrecorded Achievement of Edward Hasted
   A Celtic Bronze Coin from the Canterbury By-pass
   The Isle of Thanet Archaeological Unit .
   Hall Place, Bexley
   The ruined Building adjoining Nurstead Court
   Early Work in St. Mary’s Church, Kemsing .
   Sevenoaks District Architectural History Group
   An early dated Example of Cavity-wall Construction in the City of Canterbury
   A Saxon royal Manor, Burr’s Oak Farm, East Peckham
   Little Roydon, East Peckham

16. Investigations and Excavations during the Year 259
17. Reviews 263
18. Obituary 271
19. General Index 273

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