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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 97  1981  Contents  page v + vi


List of Officers, xiii; Members of Council, xiv; Committees, xv; List of
    Local Secretaries, xvi; Corresponding Societies, xvii: Members’ List, xix.
Annual Report for the Year 1981


Land Ownership in Appledore, 1500—1900. By Sir John Winnifrith 1
2. An eighth-century bronze Ornament from Canterbury and related Works. 
   By M. Budny and J. Graham-Campbell.

3. Remains of Mammals from the Darent River Gravels at Sevenoaks Reserve, Kent.
   By David L. Harrison, Juliet Clutton-Brock and Richard Burleigh

4. The mid-Tudor Market in Crown Land in Kent. By Michael L. Zell 53
5. The causewayed Earthwork and the Elizabethan Redoubt on West Wickham Common.
   By A.H.A. Hogg

6. The Dockyard Work-force: A Picture of Chatham Dockyard c. 1860. 
   By M. Waters

7. Rochester 1974—75. By A.C. Harrison, B.A., F.S.A. 95
8. More decorative Ironwork (II). By D. Stephenson, B.Sc., F.P.S. 137
9. The Roman Villa at Darenth. By E.W. Black . . 159
10. Canterbury Cathedral: The small Portrait Carvings of the Pulpitum c. 1400.
   By C.J. Dudley

11. A Late Bronze Age Hoard from Hoaden, Kent. 
   By T.C. Champion, M. A., D. Phil., F. S.A., and J. D. Ogilvie.F.S.A.


Contents continued

12. Two Roman Silver Ingots from Kent. By K.S. Painter. 201
13. Discovery of a manuscript eye-witness Account of the Battle of Maidstone.
   By Robert K.G. Temple. .

14. The Medway Megaliths and Neolithic Kent. By Robin Holgate, B.Sc. 221
15. Some Discoveries about Edward Hasted and his History of Kent.
   By John Boyle. LL.B., F.S.A.

16. Post-medieval Pottery from Chatham. By D.E. Williams 261
17. Interim Report on Excavations in 1981 by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust 275
18. Researches and Discoveries in Kent: 295
    A Radiocarbon Date for the Bronze Age Site at Greenhill, Otford 295
    A medieval Islamic Brass Trapping found at Rochester 296
    The Alice Drayton Brass in Horton Kirby Church 298
    Zion Chapel Site, Queen Street, Dover, Kent. Excavations 1980—81 298
    Archaeological Notes from Maidstone Museum 300
    Sevenoaks District Architectural History 304
    Frognal House, Sidcup 305
    A Fragment of medieval Sculpture from Leeds Priory 307
    A Roman Bronze Head from Margate 307
    Boxley Abbey 312
    The Tower of Stone Castle, Greenhithe 312
    Two Cremations of the Roman Period from St. Augustine’s College, Canterbury 318
19. Investigations and Excavations during the Year. 325
20. Reviews  327
21. Obituary 329
22. General Index 331

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