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List of Officers, xvii; Members of Council, xviii Committees, xix; List of Local Secretaries, xx; Corresponding Societies, xxi ; Members' List, xxiii.
Annual Report for the Year 1980 . . . . . . . . . .  xlvi
1. John de Berwyke and the Consuctudines Kancie. By F. Hull, B.A., Ph.D., D.Litt., F.R.Hist.S  01
2. The Hospital of St. Stephen and St. Thomas, New Romney: The documentary Evidence.
   By A. F. Butcher.

3. Excavations at the 'Old Palace', Bekesbourne, near Canterbury. By Tim Tatton-Brown 27
4. Charles Oxenden. By Philip H. Blake. . 59
5. Hydrocephalus in an Anglo-Saxon Child from Eccles. 
   By Keith Manchester, M.B., B.S., B.Sc., F.R.A.I. 

6. The Typology and Age of the Fordwich Handaxes. By A. M. Ashmore 83

The Lowy of Tonbridge and the Lands of the Clare Family in Kent, 1066-1217.
   By Jennifer C. Ward, M. A., Ph. D. .119


Archaeological Work along the A2: 1966-1974.  By Nigel Macpherson- Grant. .

9. A three-week Holiday in Ramsgate during July and August 1829. By John Whyman  185
10. The animal Bones from the Excavation of the Hospital of St. Mary of Ospringe.
   By Sheilagh M. Wall.

11. Four minor Sites excavated by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust, 1978-1979.
   By Paul Bennett, Nigel Macpherson- Grant and Paul Blockley 

12. Recent Investigations at the Anglo-Saxon Cemetery, Darenth Park Hospital, Dartford.
   By R.M. Walsh

13. Greenhill Bronze Age Site, Otford. By J.A. Pyke 321

Contents continued page viii

14. The Milton Blockhouse, Gravesend: Research and Excavation. By Victor T. C. Smith, B.A 341
15. Researches and Discoveries in Kent: 363
    The ‘Priest’ House at Smallhythe: A false Identification?   363
    Sevenoaks District Architectural History 366
    Excavations at Eastry 368
    Pipemakers of the Medway Towns 368
    Remains of the medieval Sacristy of St. Helen’s Church, Cliffe-at-Hoo 369
    A Crucifix from the Maison Dieu, Ospringe 372
    A stamped Mortarium from Higham 377
    Some Sites in north Kent 378
    Two Deposits of nineteenth-century Clay Tobacco Pipe Kiln Waste from Chatham 382
    Canterbury City Museums 383
    A Head of a Roman Bronze Figurine found near Canterbury 385
    The Brass to Alice Drayton in St. Mary’s Church, Horton Kirby 386
    Plaxtol 390
    Lost eighteenth-century Charity Boards formerly in St.Mary’s Church, Bexley 391
    A bronze Amulet from Boughton Aluph 394
    A Grave Group from Barming 396
16.     Interim Report on Excavations in 1980 by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust 396
17. Investigations and Excavations during the Year 411
18. Reviews 417
19. Obituary 429
20. General Index 431

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