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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 94  1978  page 77

Excavations on the Site of Leeds Priory. Part 2 The Claustral Buildings
 and Other Remains
By P. J. Tester continued

on the south the outer radius was seen in a very distinct butt-joint where a later wall had been built against it. All foundations of the rest of the apse had been entirely removed. Some walls to the east provided evidence of the adaptation of this part of the monastic buildings to secular purposes in a period of occupation following the Dissolution, except for the easternmost wall, running north-south which is probably medieval although of unknown significance.
   At two opposite points on the inner face of the side walls were remains of ashlar-faced pilasters, their positions on the springing-line of the apse indicating that they probably

served as a responds for an arch, or arches, spanning the building between the main body and the apse.
   Remains of the entrance from the east walk of the cloister showed it to have been of a very richly decorative nature, as was often the case with Norman chapter house entrances. There remained on the south side two decorated bases of jamb shafts and part of a central shaft carved with spiral and bead ornament. ‘Spurs’ occupied the spaces between the base and the angles of the plinth, in the form of stylized


Fig. 2. Base of South Side of Chapter House Entrance. (Drawn by A. C. Hart.)  [See Plate IA]

Page 77

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