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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 91    1975  page 45
Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1974: Thirteenth Interim Report.
By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot

   (i) The various ditches, cut both before and after the erection of the villa, remain to be explained. Of these, Ditch X poses the question of some sort of probable military occupation of the site as its shape indicates military practices; however, until turnings are found to east and west of the points so far excavated, it is not possible to suggest what this military presence may have been. It is hoped, nevertheless, that this may become apparent in 1976 as, if the area enclosed by Ditch X lies to its south-east, no building activity seems to have taken place there; (ii) the area in front of the villa requires further investigation;13 (iii) the form and function of the wooden structure close to the Anglo-Saxon cemetery remain to be established and interpreted; (iv) the Romano-British cemetery still has to be located;14 (v) building debris is present on the ploughsoil at Site S to west of the main site and investigation is needed in that area; and (vi) the extent of the medieval site and the reason for its occupation remain also to be further investigated, though this area is severely restricted by a modern pond.
   13 In 1975, the boundary wall of the villa, starting from its south-east wing (Arch. Cant., lxxxviii (1973), Fig. 1, 76), was traced for some 148 ft. beyond its limit recorded in 1972 and this indicates the probable existence of outbuildings in front of the dwelling-house.
   14 Mechanical trenching in November 1974 to north-east of the villa proved inconclusive, except for producing evidence for rubbish pits; however, the area in question is so large that it is quite possible that this trenching may have missed any Romano-British burials, if they had been interred to the rear of the villa.

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