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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 89  1974  page 118
The Tithe Commutation Surveys in Kent  By Roger J.P. Kain, B.A., Ph.D.

Tithe Redemption Commission, East Block, Barrington Road, Durrington-on-Sea, Sussex, have microfilm copies of all the original maps plus diocesan copies of those which are damaged and difficult to interpret. Only one file was kept for each tithe district and that is now held in the Public Record Office at Ashridge.

   The author wishes to thank Rodney Pry, of the Department of Geography, University of Exeter, for the careful way in which he constructed and drew the figures.


        Kent Tithe Map Project - November 2003
   This project to conserve and digitise all the tithe maps for Kent was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and has taken almost four years to complete. However, the result is a fantastic electronic resource for the people of Kent, featuring tithe maps from almost every parish in the County. These fascinating maps date from the early nineteenth 

century and provide a wonderful snapshot of the area about 20 years before the first Ordnance Survey editions were published.
   They are now available to view in the three county record offices and are also available for consultation in the major town libraries for their own areas. The tithe map CD-Roms can also be purchased for 15 (for each map) from either Canterbury Cathedral Archives (01227 865330) or the Centre for Kentish Studies (01622 694363)

Part of the Wateringbury Tithe Map, 1841

Page 118 

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