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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 89    1974  page 134
Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1973: Twelfth Interim Report.
By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot

must have linked the villa with the main road from Rochester to Hastings on Blue Bell Hill. Clearly, this road cannot lie to the south-east of the villa; for, apart from ditches, evidence for Anglo-Saxon and medieval occupation in that area, Romano-British debris, so plentiful and close to the ploughsoil on the slightly rising ground upon which stood the villa, is noticeably absent. On the other hand, there is much Romano-British debris, and another probable building to be examined in 1975, at Site C, close to the main site, where a length of wall, likely to be the west and north-west perimeter walls of the estate, and other evidence have been found and date from as early as the second half of the first century A.D.39 This site is centred, so far as known to date, at a point between the potteries (Site D) and the large Gault Clay pit at the rear of the villa where some evidence has already been found for a road in a section exposed on the face of the pit.40 It is not improbable, therefore, that a road is yet to be found linking Site D with the Blue Bell Hill road and the villa.41 Furthermore, the Romano-British cemetery, which is still to be discovered, may be located in the vicinity of this presumed road.
   The Anglo-Saxon settlement connected with the cemetery also remains to be established though, if the limits of the burial ground have now been reached, it cannot lie too far away to east or south-east of the site.
   As for the medieval occupation at the south of the site, it is doubtful whether this may prove of great extent or significance, even if it is found that it was not of a temporary nature and connected entirely with the robbing of the villa for the building of the priory at Aylesford; in any case, the area available for further examination is very restricted by a large pond.
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