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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 88    1973  page 80
Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1972: Eleventh Interim Report.
By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot

turned round to face in the opposite direction as well as reconstructed and expanded between the second and fourth centuries A.D. Some re-examination of the open courtyard area needs to be carried out to seek evidence for possible paths, perhaps even, for flower-beds and hedges, though a large part of this area has been disturbed by a deep medieval excavation.
   The boundary wall found this year indicates the south-eastern limits of the enclosed area; however, other installations may still await discovery farther away from the house. Likewise, evidence for a service road linking the estate with the main Roman road from Rochester to Hastings on Blue Bell Hill is still elusive. No evidence has come to light so far to point to the location of the Romano-British cemetery.
   If the ditches (Ditches XIV-XVI) found below the Anglo-Saxon cemetery can be conclusively shown to belong to the period after the end of Roman Britain but opened some time before the earliest burials another gap in the occupation of the site will have been closed.
   The Anglo-Saxon cemetery extends the history of occupation, though it is not yet known how far. Its complete limits have still to be established, and work is also needed to explore the possibility of a chapel in the vicinity of the cemetery and, still more important, the likelihood of an Anglo-Saxon settlement not too far away.14
14 Further evidence for later occupation was found in 1073 when part of a site, dating from the thirteenth century, was examined south-east of and close to the boundary wall.

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