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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 87  1972  Contents  page v + vi



List of Officers, xiii; Members of Council, xiv; Committees, xv; List of Local Secretaries, xvi;
    Corresponding Societies, xviii; List of Members, xx ;  Annual Report for the Year 1972
    xlvi ;  Rules  lviii
1. The Coming of the Barons, 1403. By F. Hull, B.A., Ph.D. 01
2. A Medieval Hall-House at North Cray. By P. J. Tester, F.S.A. 09
3. The Wotton Monuments. By The Rev. L. E. C. Evans, B.C.L.(Oxon.) 15
4. Roman Folkestone Reconsidered. By S. E. Rigold, M.A., F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S. 31
5. The Loose Watermills. By R. J. Spain 43
6. The Privileges of Christchurch, Canterbury: Archbishop Sheldon’s Enquiries of 1671. 
   By Robert Beddard

7. Excavations at Eccles, 1971. By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. 101
8. The Brasses and Incised Slabs at Milton Regis Parish Church. By Ian Bethune 111
9. Some Coins of Carausius from Richborough. By N. Shiel 115
10. Rochester East Gate, 1969. By A. C. Harrison, B.A., F.S.A. 121
11. An Early Tudor Kiln at Hareplain, Biddenden. By D. B. Kelly, B.A., A.M.A. 159
12. Another Chalybeate Spring and Cold Bath at Tunbridge Wells. 
   By Myrtle B. Streeten and Anthony D. F. Streeten

13. No. 17 Palace Street, Canterbury. By E. W. Parkin 183

Contents continued page vi

14. The Parish Administration of Shoreham, 1782—1894. By Joy Saynor, M.A.(Oxon.) 191
15. Researches and Discoveries in Kent:
   A Note on the Excavations at Canterbury Castle, 1971
   Wall Painting of a Sixteenth-Century Ship in St.Dunstan’s Church, Snargate, Romney Marsh
   Flint Artifacts from Folkestone
   A Seventeenth-Century Skillet from Whitefriars at Sandwich
   Church Wood, West Kingsdown
   Bronze Age Palstave from Sidcup
   Romano-British Building at the Mount, Maidstone
   Iron Age Hill-Forts on Castle Hill, Tonbridge
   Two Chalkwells at Northfleet
   A Charing ‘Missing’ Manor
    Archaeologica1 Notes from Maidstone Museum
16. Investigations and Excavations during the Year 227
17. Kent Bibliography, 1971—1972 243
18. Reviews 245
19. Obituary 251
20. General Index 253

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