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Archaeologia Cantiana - Vol. 87   1972 page 155

Rochester East Gate, 1969. By A. C. Harrison, B.A., F.S.A.

nos. 4060 and 4064, but the band down the back is blank. Enamel red and blue. The bronze of this brooch has turned a chalky white.
    6026. Housesteads. Newcastle University Museum, P.S.A.N., 4th series, i (1925), 52. Like nos. 4060 and 4064.
   The only evidence here for dating is that no. 6026 could not have been deposited before about A.D. 120. So far as I know the type is British and has not been found on the Continent.
   The four-figure numbers used above, and references to type-numbers, are the catalogue-numbers and type-numbers used in my conspectus of ancient British brooches, which exists at present as two copies in typescript, one of which is deposited with the Society of Antiquaries at Burlington House. Publication is in preparation.



   Small finds were not particularly numerous and only two are thought worth illustrating.
   (a) Bone die with numbers one to six. In every respect except size similar to the one illustrated in Richborough I28 (fig. 20, no. 10).
   (b) Bead in transparent green glass. Cf. Richborough IV,28 pl. lv, 235 (fig. 20, no. 11).
   (c) Melon-bead in blue glass paste, cf. Richborough IV,28 pl. lv, 240.
   (d) Three complete plain bone pins, one dyed green to imitate bronze.
   (e) A bronze pin with plain knob.
   (f) Bronze finger-ring, with traces of red enamel in the bezel; very similar to a bronze finger-ring from Nor'nour (Arch. Journ., cxxiv (1967), fig. 8, no. 6.
   (g) Two pairs of bronze tweezers.
   (h) Piece of polished red and white marble 1 in. x 1 in. chamfered on two sides. Probably part of a palette. Cf. London in Roman Times, London, 1946, p. 82, fig. 20(i).


   (a) Loom-weights (PL. I and Fig. 20, no. 12). The vertical or warp-weighted loom was used from the earliest times and weights intended for use with it have been found in Britain from the Bronze Age onwards.
88 J. P. Bushe-Fox, Excavations at the Roman Fort at Richborough, Kent, I-IV, Oxford, 1926-49.

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