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Archaeologia Cantiana - Vol. 87   1972 page 154

Rochester East Gate, 1969. By A. C. Harrison, B.A., F.S.A.

all the way down. The bow itself is flat, apart from the rib. Otherwise the details are as in 93A and B, as are the distribution and date.

   7. The head only of a similar brooch with short crest and smooth bow, with neither groove nor rib. This is my Type 93B, and the same remarks apply as to the last two brooches.

   8. A small disc-brooch, very corroded. There is a central pit from which a stud has been lost. The pattern is that of my Type 2520, in which the main field is enamelled, with a central stud (usually conical), in the field is a circle of bronze spots and a scalloped circle of bronze with V- or U-shaped scallops. Part of this circle is preserved on ours, and traces of blue enamel outside it; the enamel inside has perished, it usually differed in colour from that outside.
   The type is not at all numerous, and while chiefly found in the south of England, actually extends as far north as Newstead. It is not yet dated, but should be second century.

   9. Brooch in the form of a duck. This is my Type 213A. It is quite rare, so that a full description of it and of the few parallels is perhaps justified.
   The body is well-modelled and hollowed beneath, as shown in the figure; the eyes retain enamel, but I am not sure of the colour; the wings are shown as alternate red and blue crescents, and in these the blue has a thin margin of white, apparently intentionally done, though I cannot say how. The band down the back has a series of small crescents which are very difficult to discern, but were perhaps again alternately red and blue. The pin is hinged and the tail was pierced to attach a chain.
   The parallels are:
   8508. Springhead. Gravesend Museum, with acknowledgements to Mr. E. W. Tilley. A brooch as nearly as possible identical with ours.
   4063. Saltersford. Grantham Museum. Report 1922-3, fig. 4. I have this noted as similar to no. 8508, but the enamel red and green. I have not seen this nor have I been able to check the reference.
   4060. Brettenham. Ashmolean Museum. 1927. 382. The general design is the same as ours, but the wings are of blue and green crescents, and the band down the back is a lattice-pattern with green enamel. (This is how I have drawn it, but after the difficulty of discerning the content of the strip on the back of our brooch I would not be surprised to learn that I have misapprehended it in this case, and my 'green' may well have been red.)
   4064. York. Yorkshire Museum. Similar to no. 4060, the lattice seems to retain traces of red enamel.
    4554. Chester. Chester Museum. Of the same general pattern as

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