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Archaeologia Cantiana - Vol. 87   1972 page 150

Rochester East Gate, 1969. By A. C. Harrison, B.A., F.S.A.

grey sandy—probably the neck of a pitcher. No. 68 has undulating edge to rim and a reddish surface.

Group IX. Pit M11. Probably first half of thirteenth century.
   77-79. All grey fabric with some shell.
   80. Unglazed jug of reddish ware with slight admixture of shell. Strap handle with central row of round stabbings. Very slight lip formed by finger-tip depression inside rim opposite handle—not shown in drawing.

Group X. Pit M8. Thirteenth century.
   81-84. Grey ware with shell.
   85. Neck of unglazed grey-ware jug.

Group XI. Pit M12. Thirteenth century.
   86-90. Grey ware, usually fired to brown surface, with some shell.

Group XII. Pit M7, cut by wall of south tower of East Gate.
   91. Fully developed thirteenth-century form of cooking-pot, in grey ware with shell. Cf. Canterbury, Group IV, Arch. Cant., lxviii (1954), 133 and 134, dated second half of thirteenth century.
   92. Grey, shelly. Perhaps a survival.
   93. Hard grey ware with no shell.
   94. Grey ware with small amount of fine shell. Probably a jug.
   95. Jug of grey ware with orange slip and uneven greenish glaze.

II. Brooches (Fig. 20) 

By M. R. HULL, M.A., F.S.A.

   1. This, typologically, is probably the earnest of this small collection of brooches. It is a one-piece brooch with tightly wound spring of four turns; the leg of the bow appears to have been round in section, but above the button it is slightly wider and flattened, forming a very short head which turns through a sharp angle directly into the spring. The button consists of three transverse ridges.
   When the button is close to the head, as here, there is a possibility of connection with the Aylesford type, but in its developed form (at least) that type has a head which expands against the spring, in more or less trumpet-form, and one of the ridges of the button is usually shaped as a small horn.
   Our brooch belongs to a small series of smallish, light brooches, with unexpanded head and bow of (usually) round section, with the

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