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Archaeologia Cantiana - Vol. 87   1972 page 141

Rochester East Gate, 1969. By A. C. Harrison, B.A., F.S.A.

bead-row border and one poorly-impressed figure-type, Bear to right (D.808 = 0.1588). Date: c. A.D. 125-150.
   2. Form 37. Central Gaulish, in very poor condition and making positive attribution to the style of any potter almost impossible. The one certain figure-type, Bird to right (D.1038 = 0.2315), was used by BVTRIO, CINNAMVS and PAVLLVS.
   3. Form 37. Central Gaulish, in the style of CINNAMVS {CGP, fig. 47, p. 267); his detail no 5, impressed twice in a narrow panel, and two certain figure-types, Hare to left (D.950A = 0.2116), as on a signed sherd from Corbridge (CGP, pl. 158/16), and Marine Monster to left (D.29 = 0.42), as on a signed sherd from London (CGP, pl. 157/4). Date: c. A.D. 140-190.
   4 and 5. Form 37. Central Gaulish, in the style of PVGNVS (CGP, fig. 45, p. 259). Several sherds from this bowl were recovered and show a decoration of panels and medallions, divided by bead-row borders. No. 4 shows his detail no. 6, and three figure-types, from left to right: Goat (D.889 = 0.1836), Lion to left (0.1474), and Bird to right (similar but smaller than D.1001 = 0.2197); no. 5 shows this potter's ovolo no. 3, over the usual guide-line and, within a double medallion, a wreath of lozenge-shaped beads containing a small figure-type.
   6. Form 37. Central Gaulish, in the style of DOCILIS/DOCCALVS (CGP, fig. 24, p. 176), with his details no. 17 and no. 5, forming panels with a St. Andrew's Cross arrangement. Date: c. A.D. 130-150.
   7. Form 29. South Gaulish, probably in the style of CELADVS (R. Knorr, Topfer und Fabrikm verzierter Terra-Sigillata des ersten Jahrhunderts, Stuttgart, 1919, Textbild 5 and Taf. 21B, no. 5; C. F. C. Hawkes and M. R. Hull, Camulodunum, Oxford, 1947, pl. XXXIII, nos. 12, 13a and 13b), Neronian.
   8. Form 29. South Gaulish, in the style of SABINYS (cf. Knorr 1919, Taf. 69, no. 16). Flavian.
   9. Form 37. Central Gaulish, with a remnant of the 'bent-tongue' ovolo (cf. CGP, p. 199 and pl. 109). Second century A.D.
   10. Form 37, probably South Gaulish, with a blurred ovolo whose tongue ends in a trifid projection reminiscent of several ovolos in use by South Gaulish potters; the figure-type is badly squashed but looks very close to Deer to right (0.1734) used in the South Gaulish factories.
   Sherds were also found with remnants of ovolos of the following Central Gaulish potters: Potter X-2 (CGP, fig. 3, p. 7) or QVINTI-LIANVS (CGP, fig. 17, p. 145) as a remnant of a wavy-line border below the ovolo excludes DRVSVS I who also used it; LAXTVCISSA or CENSORINVS; SERWS II (CGP, fig. 39, p. 230).

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