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Archaeologia Cantiana - Vol. 87   1972 page 135

Rochester East Gate, 1969. By A. C. Harrison, B.A., F.S.A.

described below. However, as most of these are standard types obtaining during the Romano-British period, no parallels are quoted.
   1. Black sandy fabric with brown core, burnished externally; a bowl often found in second-century A.D. contexts, though it may have originated rather earlier.
   2. Black sandy fabric and paste, with horizontal combed decoration, a type common in first-century A.D. layers though surviving much later.
   3. Black fine sandy fabric, grey paste, with burnishing on the shoulder; this is clearly from an S-profile bowl, fully documented in the second century A.D.
   4. Black sandy fabric, with brown core; probably late in the second century A.D.
   5. Black sandy fabric, brown core, burnished externally; typologically, this bowl comes early in the S-profile series, perhaps dating from the last quarter of the first century A.D.
   6. Red sandy fabric, grey core; burnished externally on rim and base.
   7. Brown fabric and core; burnished externally.
   8. Buff sandy fabric and core; a type obtaining from late first-century A.D. contexts onward.
   9. Red fabric, grey core; buff slip externally, irregular rim.
Black fabric and core, burnished rim, with horizontal rilling.
   11. Black fabric and core, burnished externally; like no. 5, above, this is a vessel in the series from which S-profile bowls devolved and may be dated from
c. A.D. 75 onwards.
   12. Grey fabric and core, burnished exterior with rouletted decoration; a type quite current in the second century A.D. and later.
   13. Grey fabric and core; fairly common in second-century
A.D. contexts.
   14. Black gritty fabric, burnished inside and outside; likely to be a first-century type continuing into later contexts.
   15. Brown fabric, grey core, burnished externally and internally; a shallow platter imitating true
terra nigra or terra rubra vessels and datable to the late first century A.D.
   16. 'Poppy-head' beaker in grey fabric; second century
   17. Storage jar in red fabric and grey core; very common in the second century A.D.
   18. Black gritty fabric and core, recessed for lid; second century A.D.

Dark brown fabric and core, burnished body; another of the S-profile series common in the second century A.D.
Red-grey fabric, grey paste; a bowl with a narrow neck abundantly known in second-century deposits.
   21.   Dish in black burnished ware,
fully of second-century A.D. date.

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