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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 86  1971  page 171
Eynsford Castle and its Excavation. 
By S. E. Rigold, M.A., F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S.
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B and D, as the rod-handled jug D66. Also a small Surrey bottle, of fine fabric, D61 (D), as at Netherne.
   North France (Rouen, etc.). Imitations, but only a few abraded scraps from B that seem to be of this fabric, common on English port-sites.
   West France (Saintonge) (Fig. 24). All from D. Polychrome: ten sherds from at least three jugs, more baluster-shaped than usual, as D64. Pine white ware with decoration in purple, green (including part of a bird?), and yellow (including part of a shield), and plain strap handle. This, apart from the sum-total of coarse ware rim-profiles, is the most diagnostic element in D.65 Monochrome: similar ware, two wall-sherds, with mottled green glaze.
   Low Countries (Andenne Type). One sherd from A; white ware with grooves and thick yellow glaze.56
   Low Countries (Holland or Flanders). Top of small, brick-red baluster D63.

iv. Phase K
   A fair quantity in all, but nothing reconstructible. It includes large, cylindrical stoneware beer-mugs, usually pale, treacly-glazed coarsewares, perhaps Wealden, a little white earthenware, but nothing approaching porcelain, and black Basaltes, fluted, which sometimes occurs in plebeian contexts.
   The description of pottery relies heavily on the careful analysis of D. C. Mynard and the advice of J. G. Hurst and Dr. G. C. Dunning.

VIII. Animal Bones
   Meat-bones have not been examined, but bones of small mammals were found sealed and in perfect condition in the post-fire floor-raising in the porch-tower and examined by W. G. Teagle, F.Z.S. They included the lower jaw and part of skull of a water-shrew (Neomys fodiens) and jaws of a long-tailed field-mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus).
   55  Now well known in contexts of c. 1300; of. Arch. Journ., cxx (1963), 201-14, and, for Kentish examples, Arch. Cant., lxiv (1951), 147. fig. 2- lxix (1965/fig. 3,1; and lxxxv (1970), 110, fig. 7. V ''
   56 R. Borrennes and W. Waigninaire, La Céramique d'Andenne (1966), passim.

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