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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 86  1971  page 114
Eynsford Castle and its Excavation. 
By S. E. Rigold, M.A., F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S.
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but technically cadet, line. Between 1148 and 1151, William III (tercius qui nunc est) formally confirmed the donation of Ruckinge.26 He died not earlier than 1193, when, still calling himself tercius, he made, among other religious bequests, one to St. Radegund's, founded about that year.27 He names his wife as Beatrice, who has been generally, making nonsense of the chronology of the records, confused with Eleanor, her daughter-in-law.27a
   William Ill's contributions to the Castle were minor (Phase Y), but he is best known of the line for his part in precipitating the fatal dispute with Archbishop Thomas. It was a passive part, and what he held in chief, though enough for the king to make a test case of him, must have been small—small enough for Thomas to regard him as 'his' man. He had stood surety to Thomas for a large sum, and, having made his peace with see and priory under Archbishop Richard, recouped the forfeit from offerings at his martyred predecessor's shrine.28 Apart from this one incident, he was as good a churchman as his grandfather.
   William IV's tenure was extremely short. Only the deposition of 1261 assures us that he did not die vita patris. William V, surnamed Rufus, who came of age in 1200,29 reverted to the type of secular-minded baronage. We hear of him on John's remarkably successful expedition to Ireland in 1210,30 and among the hard-core of the baronial party captured when the keep of Rochester was breached in 1215.30a After a period of forfeiture and imprisonment, he was back in royal favour in the 1220s, constable of Hertford castle and steward of the Household. His tenure corresponds roughly with Phase A, but he did little to the Castle unless the burning and reconstruction of the Hall took place before his death in 1231. This seems possible: the finds are consistent with a gap between the rebuilding and the brief, penultimate occupation of Phase B. He left no son and his death was followed by at least six, probably twelve,31 years of minority and wardship. This would imply that his daughter, and probably her husband too, Henry
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   27  Bodleian Lib. Gough MS., 18, p. 70, cart. 622—this is a careful extract of a lost cartulary. For the foundation of St. Radegund's in 1192-1193, in preference to Monasticon's 1191, see V.C.H. Kent, ii, 172. William's contribution is a parcel in Penshurst.
   27a  As in the pedigree, op. cit. in note 9, 47, with one or two of the numerous references to the two ladies. See especially Placitorum Abbrev. (1811), 1 and 64; the former leaves no doubt that Eleanor was the mother of William V, widowed and remarried by Michaelmas 1194.
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