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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 84    1969  page 106
Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1968: Seventh Interim Report.
By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot

are testimony enough to the social prominence of the family owning the estate.30 That the villa owes its inception to the proximity of Roman Rochester is likely, though it is not possible to prove as not enough is so far known of Rochester's history or social organisation. Likewise, it is impossible to prove, at present, any direct links between the Eccles villa and other buildings in its immediate hinterland, e.g. the building at Snodland37 and the Holborough mausoleum38 immediately opposite the Eccles villa on the west bank of the Medway, the buildings39 at Burham and in the village of Eccles, the latter barely half a mile from the villa; excavation alone may settle this point. In the meantime, it is difficult to believe,, on purely economic grounds, that the large Eccles baths did not cater for the inhabitants of these other buildings; such a link would not only help to explain the size of the Eccles baths40 but also stress the implied social pre-eminence of the villa and confirm it as the focal point of the area between the town of Rochester and the presumed settlement at Maidstone.
   Little can be said at present about the economic background of the Eccles villa as the excavation has not progressed sufficiently far to allow for serious suggestions. On the other hand, it should be possible, within the next season or two of work at the site, to complete the northeast range of rooms and to begin the examination of the south-east wing41 where it is probable that workshops and farm outbuildings, dating from the second to the fifth centuries A.D., are to be found.
   36 As no break in the occupation of the villa can be detected, it is presumed that it remained in the possession of the same family.
   37 Arch. Cant., lxxix (1967), 192-217.
   38 Ibid., lviii (1945), 68-72.
   39 None of these buildings has been methodically examined; for Burham, of. Arch. Cant,. xxiii (1898), 10 and xxxiv (1920), 165.
   40 As Mr. C. E. Stevens put it 'the site at Eccles ... seems to have more bath space than is good for a normal villa' (C. Thomas (Ed.), Rural Settlement in Roman Britain, 1966, 123.)
   41 Known from air photography and ground observation of crop-marks; cf. Arch. Cant., lxxviii (1963), fig. 1

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